Pachamama: The Smartest Choice for Natural Supplements

Thanks to more people learning about plant-based superfoods and their benefits, the natural wellness industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. From tinctures and cream to gummies and even pet treats, plant-derived supplements in all forms can now be found everywhere you look. Unfortunately, not all brands in this industry are the same, with many offering low-quality extracts formulated with dubious ingredients, such as unnatural substances and synthetic chemicals. So how do you know what brands to trust?

What You Should Know Before You Order

Finding a brand you can fully trust is not easy, but we are here to help. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing a natural supplement brand:

  • Ingredients: Make sure you choose a brand that favors natural, plant-based ingredients and avoids the use of chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, and other unnatural substances that may cause you harm.
  • Sourcing: Look for brands that use organically-sourced ingredients. Most importantly, verify that all ingredients are obtained from American farms to ensure the best quality and safety standards.
  • Independent Testing: It’s crucial that natural supplements are tested by third-party laboratories. This helps guarantee that products comply with all regulations for purity, safety, and overall quality.
  • Transparency: Check out the company’s website. Do they provide information about their ingredients and testing? Is there a story behind their process? Do they have a customer service line? Is there an FAQ to help new users?
  • Recognition: If a brand has been featured in reputable publications, then that is a really good sign. 

Now that you know what to look for in a brand of natural supplements, there is no excuse for making a bad purchase. Just remember to check for these five key points before you order from any natural wellness brand so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. 

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Make a Smarter Purchase with Pachamama

If you are trying to find a natural wellness brand you can fully trust, it’s best to go with an established name like Pachamama. Known for their 100% plant-based formulas, Pachamama has quickly established a reputation as one of the most reliable brands thanks to its ingredients naturally sourced from USDA organic farms. Additionally, they employ a proprietary air extraction method that has been specifically designed to obtain the cleanest and purest extracts on the market.

Pachamama: The Smartest Choice for Natural Supplements 2

Trusted by Top Publications

But we are not the only ones who recommend this all-American brand. Despite being a relative newcomer in the industry, Pachamama has already been featured in numerous publications, including some of the most prestigious in the country. With mentions in magazines like Forbes and InTouch, they are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the most trustworthy brands on the market. But perhaps there is no more significant evidence of their status as a reputable brand than their growing base of loyal customers in every corner of the country. From coast to coast, hundreds of men and women nationwide are making the switch to natural supplements every day, and Pachamama is often their #1 choice. The best part is that Pachamama formulas are all vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free so that everyone can enjoy the natural benefits of Pachamama superfood formulas.

Pachamama: The Smartest Choice for Natural Supplements 3

Award-Winning Natural Formulas

Another critical indicator of Pachamama’s success and reputation is the level of recognition they have received from industry professionals. One of the most important recognitions they have received is the prestigious Purity Award from The Clean Label Project™, which awards brands for authenticity and transparency. This award has only been bestowed on two other brands in the industry, which says just how significant this honor is. The brand has also received awards for its tincture formulas and clean packaging that is manufactured using eco-friendly practices.

Still not sure that Pachamama is right for you? Here are more things you should know

Pachamama: The Smartest Choice for Natural Supplements 4

Pachamama: What You Need to Know

The idea behind the name Pachamama was to honor Mother Nature, and the brand’s products reflect that principle. What sets Pachamama apart from the rest of brands in the industry is their use of herbal superfoods for added benefits. Instead of artificially flavoring, each of their best-selling tinctures is paired with a unique blend of nutrient-rich superfoods. So, rather than picking a tincture based on flavor, Pachamama users can pick theirs based on purpose. Furthermore, Pachamama products are all triple lab tested. This ensures that all their products meet the highest quality standards and are free of lead, heavy metals, pesticides, and other unnatural substances.

If you are trying to make a smarter choice for your natural lifestyle, there is no question that Pachamama is the way to go. We encourage you to visit their site to learn more about their story and how their products can help you live a more balanced life in a completely natural way. 

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