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Time and again, it’s said that one of the greatest joys isn’t getting gifts — it’s giving them. (Science actually backs that up.) 

Wellness company Oliver’s Harvest took the notion to heart this year, and by buying from them, you can, too. Through a program called Noble Paws, Oliver’s Harvest is working on getting helpful herbal supplements, toys, and food into the hands of animal shelters and rescue organizations across the East Coast.

Noble Paws Joins Oliver’s Harvest

What Is Noble Paws?

Noble Paws is a cross between a herbal supplement brand and a charitable program. It was founded in 2019 and is simply products for a cause. 

Their herbal pet oil promotes overall health and can bring natural relief to cats and dogs alike. Consult a veterinarian about adding the oral supplement to your pet’s diet. Ans it even comes in a bacon flavor that your furry friend will find irresistible. Some potential benefits include:

  • Immune system support
  • Joint support
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Alleviating mild soreness or sensitivity
  • Helping to regulate a healthy inflammatory response

Customers have reported their animals to have an easier time dealing with separation, socialization, and thunderstorms. Some have even noted an increase in activity. The oil can be administered directly if your pet loves the taste or mixed with peanut butter or their usual meal. 

How the Donation Program Works

The idea that making a purchase results in an equivalent donation to someone in need is not a new concept. It’s common for items that improve the quality of life, such as eyeglasses, socks, or shoes. 

Noble Paws works the same way! Purchasing any herbal pet tincture sold under the Noble Paws brand will result in an herbal pet tincture being donated to an affiliated animal shelter or rescue org. For all the excellent work they do, shelters are still stressful environments for the animals staying there, especially the ones already prone to anxiety. It’s tough living with a bunch of noisy roommates you don’t know very well, waiting to find your forever home. 

As such, these herbal pet oils can absolutely improve quality of life for shelter pets, and help them put their best paw forward as they vie for adoption. 

Noble Paws also uses money from sales to help sponsor pet events, and get toys and food for shelters. On their website, they feature affiliated shelters and provide links to the current animals up for adoption. So far, they’ve donated to 20 organizations across Florida, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, encompassing shelters, rescue organizations, and sanctuaries. 

What Is Oliver’s Harvest?

Oliver’s Harvest is a Florida-based and family-owned wellness company that produces high-quality herbal supplements. Aside from Noble Paws brand pet oil, they also have Oliver’s Harvest Pet Essentials: herbal peanut butter treats for dogs and a tablet formulated to support joint health

But pets aren’t their only demographic. They offer products for humans as well (though without the bacon flavor), so you can all reap benefits together. Oliver’s Harvest offers herbal supplement formulas that target: 

  • Joint health (for humans) 
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Healthy sleep cycles
  • Muscle and joint relief from topicals
  • Overall immune support plus bodily and mental wellness from herbal oils

How Do Oliver’s Harvest and Noble Paws Collaborate?

Oliver’s Harvest created the Noble Paws initiative through their private label program and an eagerness to get herbal supplements to pets that most need them. So Noble Paws herbal pet oil is manufactured to the same high standards as any Oliver’s Harvest product — American-sourced, gluten-free, and tested by independent third-party laboratories for potency and consistency. 

But only through the Noble Paws brand can your purchase make a difference for animals in need. It’s one of the best choices out there if you’re already looking to get herbal pet oil.

How You Can Help

  1. Step one is simply to choose Noble Paws herbal pet oil this holiday season. As you help your cat or dog on their path to wellness, you’ll automatically be helping a shelter pet achieve the same.
  2. Step two is to spread the word. If Noble Paws or Oliver’s Harvest products worked for your pet, let others know! It’s a simple, natural addition to a pet’s daily routine that could noticeably improve physical and mental well being. Then, if whoever you’ve told decides to take the plunge, they’ll know to support the Noble Paws cause. As bacon is to doggie and kitty noses, the thought of helping pets in need is irresistible to an animal lover. We’d all like to do our part, and Noble Paws makes it an easy part to play.
  3. Finally, if you have the means and ability, consider giving back to shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries for yourself. Although Noble Paws will match your purchase with a charitable donation, you can still go above and beyond this holiday season or any time of year. Volunteer time, money, or needed goods to carry on the giving spirit of this Oliver’s Harvest program.


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