The Most FABulous Gift Guide for the Holidays

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to gift health and wellness itself? You’d be the favorite of every Secret Santa exchange, that’s for sure. 

Unfortunately, we can’t gift good health for the holidays, but we can find presents that help our loved ones feel better. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way, even (or especially) if that leads us to somewhat unconventional gift choices. 

That’s where FAB comes in. 

Why Choose FAB Herbal Products for You and Yours

  • FAB has been on the herbal product scene since late 2017. Their products aim to prevent, relieve, and support through traditional supplements, topicals, Superfood dietary supplements, and other offerings
  • Is there a devoted dog parent on your list? They’ll appreciate it if you get them and their pooch matching gifts — FAB covers the dog wellness market, too. 
  • Free shipping to all 50 states with a purchase of $89 or more. It’s not a difficult price to hurdle, but otherwise, shipping is still only $3.75. And buy without fear: FAB accepts returns and gives refunds for up to 30 days. Everyone knows someone who’s returned or exchanged a gift, so if your FAB pick doesn’t appeal to them, they’re free to do what they need to. 
  • In an opposing scenario, if the person loves their new FAB product, the brand has a rewards program that they can tap into. Earn points for dollars spent, referrals, and reviews. 
  • As a benefit you can also reap, there are FAB affiliate coupons to be found all over the web. Use one of the codes at checkout for a nice little discount. 

A Guide to FAB Herbal Gifts They’ll Love

Gummy Chews

Think of it like candy with a natural, healthy twist!

These best selling herbal gummy chews are vegan, come in a tangy fruit flavor, and have a relatively low supplement content. That makes them perfect for casual everyday use while providing potential benefits such as:

  • Calming stress
  • Promoting good sleep if taken before bedtime 
  • Relaxing mild aches and soreness, such as after a workout 
  • Boosting overall wellness for body and mind

It’s a great stocking stuffer, gift for someone around the office, or the person in your life who loves their daily vitamin routine. 

Dog Treats

Pups often suffer from some of the same things humans do: a little bit of anxiety, feeling under the weather for whatever reason, having some skin issues they’re bummed about. 

Recently launched from FAB, these crunchy dog treats come in 3 herbal formulas that target different needs:

  • Active Immune, in chicken flavor, to help get dogs out and about like they’re a puppy again. 
  • Calm and Cool, in peanut butter apple, to help good boys keep it together in higher stress situations like storms, separation, or socializing. 
  • Skin and Coat, in salmon, to support healthy inflammatory response and provide plenty of needed omega-3s.

Plus, each one is all-natural and free of corn, soy, wheat, or dairy. For some people, the best gift you could get them is one that benefits their furry best friend. 


Only available for a limited time, FAB’s disposable pens won’t be restocked. When they’re gone, that’s it! 

So when you hand one of these bad boys over for the holidays, you can let the recipient know they’re getting a limited-run, special edition product, and you just had to snag it for them. 

Available in 2 formulas — the sweet and floral Calm and the zesty citrus of Active — these pens can help you relax and unwind or feel revitalized and alert. They’re intended as a pick-me-up, a way to absorb herbal supplements more quickly than with products taken orally.

They’re perfect for herbal inhalation enthusiasts. 


Almost all FAB products come in 3-pack bundles, including the dog treats, disposable pens, and gummy chews mentioned above. 

You can stock up on the limited edition vapes if you’re positive your friend will fall for them. Get a bunch of gummies as your contribution to the holiday office party experimental gift grab. Pick up one of each dog formula at a reduced total price. 

Bundles are a great way to save 15%, earn rewards points, and hit the free shipping threshold.


While you might not have considered hitting up the local vitamin shop for your Christmas shopping, health and wellness are definitely in this year! Show your friends and family their good health (and their little dog’s, too) is on your mind this holiday season and beyond. 

Gift a FABulous herbal product — or a 3 of a kind bundle — this year for something that’s considerate, uncommon, and practical. 


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