How to Deal With Body Pain Naturally

Body aches are pretty common. They can result from tiredness, an underlying condition, or exercise. If you are the latter, then chances are, you are no stranger to pain-killers. If you’ve looking for a healthier alternative to dealing with body pain, read on to find out how the following methods might help.

Dealing With Body Pain Naturally

1. Stretching/Yoga

Daily yoga practices and stretching is by far the best way to prevent further soreness. The more frequently you work out, the more able your body becomes at working out. That said, if being sore stops you from exercising as intensely as you’re used to, adding a few stretching exercises may help you get back to your regular grind. Additionally, a home yoga practice can be an excellent way to relieve your body of stress.

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2. Acupuncture/Massages

Massage helps to improve circulation and carry inflammatory agents right out of the muscles. Gone are the days when you had to drop $60-100 for a massage. Today, you have access to affordable foam rollers and massage canes. These self-massage tools are pretty popular now and for good reasons. They really work! 

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3. Keep moving

The last thing you want to do when that post-workout soreness hits is to stop moving completely. Try to move around as much as possible – even if it’s a trip down the stairs or a walk around the neighborhood. Circulation is the body’s mechanism for carrying healing agents to the sore parts that need it most.

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4. Plant-Based Tinctures & Topicals 

Plant-based supplements have grown immensely popular when it comes to alleviating body aches. Some balms come in tin containers, but those will most likely leave your hands greasy. That’s why we love Cornbread’s new Organic Balm. This healing organic topical applicator is designed to be easily applied directly to sore muscles and joints. Simply unscrew the cap and twist the bottom until the top of the balm is showing. Gently massage any areas of discomfort with the herbal balm stick’s end and thoroughly massage the area once applied.

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