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As one of the top manufacturers of plant-derived products, Veritas Farms has always been a standard-bearer in the industry. The brand has steadily gained momentum and is known for its wellness collection, which offers a diverse range of plant-derived products for all types of lifestyles. If you’re new to the wellness space, this is your chance to get started.

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Veritas Farms – Be Truly Healthy 

Are you confused about what herbal product is right for you and your needs? No worries. Veritas Farms is very beginner-friendly! With dozens of products in its different collections, Veritas Farms has natural products for everyone, including pets! Here is a full list of all their collections:


From everyday stress to general feelings of uneasiness, Veritas oils can be taken to support different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. All oils are available in five different varieties: Peppermint, Strawberry, Citrus, Watermelon, and Unflavored.

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Whether you are looking for a natural way to support skin health or manage persistent muscle or joint pain, Veritas’ collection of topicals can provide targeted relief to the areas where you need it the most. 

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Salves are available in Lavender Eucalyptus, Cooling Menthol, and Unscented, and lotions in Minted Lavender, Fruity Patchouli, and Unscented. Lip balm flavors are French Vanilla, Orange, Watermelon, Cherry, Mango, and Strawberry.


Veritas believes having healthy, radiant skin shouldn’t be complicated. They formulate their skincare products with proven ingredients that are already setting trends in the skincare industry. Some of those products include:

  • Cucumber Eye Cream
  • Hyaluronic Day Cream
  • Rejuvenating Night Cream
  • Mattifying Blemish Cream


Veritas’ herbal products for pets have been formulated for all the furry members of your family. From the most spirited dogs to the boldest cats, Veritas Farms for pets will help support your best friend’s lifestyle in a completely natural way. Pet oils are available in Bacon and Tuna flavors, and pet chews come in three variations: Calming, Skin & Allergy, and Joint Care.

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About Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms is a natural wellness brand specializing in herbal products. They offer a diverse collection of quality, plant-derived formulas, including oils, edibles, beauty products, and tinctures for pets. However, what sets them apart from the rest is its unique production processes and ongoing commitment to transparency.

Looking for More Herbal Products? Shop Veritas Farms Today 

There is no denying that herbal products have been changing people’s lives. If you haven’t started your journey yet, we strongly encourage you to give Veritas Farms a try. If you want to learn more, visit Veritas Farms and see why thousands turn to herbal products for their wellness needs.

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