The Ultimate Remedy To Making Life Seem Less Scary

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Hemp-derived products are everywhere. Local stores offer them; health stores offer them; you can even buy them online and have them delivered the next day. It’s safe to say that hemp is making a strong comeback, and honestly, we’re here for it. However, there is a drawback to this booming industry. 

With new hemp companies are popping up every week, it is very disconcerting for potential consumers to trust the compound, let alone incorporate it into their daily regimen. When in the market for hemp products, the company manufacturing the product you intend to buy should be your biggest concern. 

A lot goes into making a safe and potent hemp product, and these fraudulent companies don’t spend the time inspecting the products before making it available at retail: the end result, a multitude of mislabeled, possibly dangerous products unregulated by the FDA. Luckily for you, we know one of the most trustworthy companies this industry has to offer- Sunday Scaries.

The Ultimate Remedy To Making Life Seem Less Scary 1

What Makes Sunday Scaries So Special? 

Unlike some hemp companies, which get their hemp from god-knows-where, Sunday Scaries’ hemp is sourced directly from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. In addition, they believe in transparency. They even urge you to compare their labels to other products to identify the difference. 

They provide, suggested use, supplement facts, and lab results because the entire company is committed to making sure that they give extra attention to their customers and to making them happy in any way possible.

From the Bar Industry to the Hemp Industry – The Journey

Before Sunday Scaries, Mike and Beau were bar owners looking to open up a second location in the city. Although Mike and Beau were somewhat of party animals, they were very resourceful businessmen. “The stress of opening the new bar, combined with the moral hangover after a weekend of partying, had us feeling anxious and unworthy. Even when we weren’t partying, we held ourselves to such high expectations that if we weren’t working, we felt like we were failing.” Then a good friend came into the picture. “Garrett introduced us to hemp.”

They quickly fell in love with the soothing results and the mild euphoria that hemp products provided. It was a big realization since they were both highly stressed individuals. “We felt focused, happy, stress-free, and able to concentrate on what really mattered.” 

Mike and Beau were soon hit with the same dilemma most newcomers are facing today, “When we were trying to purchase the right hemp tinctures online, there was an astounding lack of information with proper dosing, product information, and supplement facts. We never felt confident about what we were purchasing or putting in our bodies.” 

Being the resourceful entrepreneurs that they were, Mike and Beau saw this as an opportunity to take matters into their own hands and do things differently. “We wanted to create a company that was wildly transparent, easy to dose, simple to take on the go and funny. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about the chemicals we put in our body, but the mood we show up with every day.”

Standing Out in a Crowded Industry

The Ultimate Remedy To Making Life Seem Less Scary 2Sunday Scaries continuously aim to set a standard for what hemp companies should be. Their product line ranges from gummies (vegan) and tinctures to bath bombs and energy drinks.

They understand that being a hemp novice can be very overwhelming. To assist you in this journey, they include lab results as well as customer reviews, so you know what you are getting high-quality products. 

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