Penguin Natural Supplements: Organic Ingredients From Sustainable Farms

Regardless of your age or lifestyle, there is no escaping the stress that comes with work, school, and everyday life. If not treated properly, this can lead to serious consequences over time, including lack of motivation, reduced productivity, and poor sleep. If this sounds anything like you and you find yourself struggling with stress on a daily basis, natural plant-based supplements may be just what you need. 

But what if you are new to these supplements? Or what if you need help choosing a brand you can trust?

Penguin Natural Supplements: Organic Ingredients From Sustainable Farms 1

Introducing Penguin

If you are new to plant-based supplementation, it’s essential that you find a reliable manufacturer you can count on. While there are dozens of new brands popping up everywhere, not all of them possess the same quality and purity. Fortunately, companies like Penguin have made finding a trustworthy brand an easy and straightforward process. Named after one of the most “chill” species out there, the New York-based retailer specializes in plant-based formulas made for relaxing the body and mind.  They are known for their eco-friendly, organic approach and for their innovative products made for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Penguin Natural Supplements: Organic Ingredients From Sustainable Farms 2

The Penguin Difference

As opposed to most brands in the natural wellness space, the Penguin team consists of actual professionals with years of experience in scientific and educational fields. From hemp farmers to lab technicians, the Penguin team is among the most qualified professionals in the natural supplement industry. 

However, what really places this brand head and shoulders above the rest is their organically grown ingredients obtained from sustainable farms in Oregon. In addition to using organic ingredients, all their supplements go through a strict quality testing process at third-party laboratories. This helps ensure that all Penguin products are free of pesticides, chemicals, and other unnatural and harmful substances. Their manufacturing process is entirely eco-conscious for the purpose of making natural products that are actually 100% natural.

“We are dedicated to transparency during our process,” states the brand’s mission statement. This transparency is evident by their making their product lab results available on their site for everyone to see. “We want our customers to feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied the whole way—from the moment they confirm their purchase to the last drop they take from their bottle.”

Natural Products for Everyone

Penguin currently offers a concise selection of innovative plant-based products. Their products are available in various sizes, flavors, and strengths, so you can choose the formula that best suits your wellness needs. Penguin’s full line of natural supplements includes:

  • 250mg oil
  • 600mg oil
  • 1000mg oil 
  • 10mg gummies (30ct)
  • 250mg cream
  • 10mg capsules (30ct)

All their products are made naturally with the same organically grown plant extracts so that you can rest assured you will experience the same benefits regardless of your choice. We highly encourage you to check out each of their products and discover how they can help improve your daily routine

Penguin Natural Supplements: Organic Ingredients From Sustainable Farms 3

Try Penguin Today

If you are looking to start a plant-based wellness routine, Penguin is definitely one of the best places to start. If you want to learn more about Penguin, its products, subscription service, and what makes them one of the leading brands in the industry, visit their site today. And don’t forget that for a limited time, you can use the code waddle10 for 10% OFF your entire order.

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