Pachamama Plant-Based Body Lotion

A good body lotion helps keep your skin supple and smooth and supports a healthy skin barrier. Body lotions come in a wide variety of formulas designed for all-day hydration as well as flaking and redness relief. 

What if we told you we had a lotion with potent plant-based ingredients that you could use both on your face and body for maximum relief? Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

Many people are turning to natural, plant-based products to enhance their beauty routine and improve their skin complexion in a perfectly natural way. If you haven’t made the switch yet, now is the perfect time to try Pachamama’s plant-based Body Lotion.

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Pachamama’s Body Lotion

Pachamama’s ultra-nourishing herbal-infused Body Lotion contains 300mg of a soothing blend of botanical oils for soft, radiant, and balanced skin. Moreover, the formula contains other key ingredients such as lavender, tea tree, geranium & primrose oil to soothe the senses and deeply hydrate rough, dry skin. 

That’s not all of it. Blue-green algae and rooibos extract are added to calm redness and sensitivity, and the aloe vera provides skin-embracing minerals and nutrients to restore your natural radiance.

The Pachamama Difference

Despite being one of the leading brands in the wellness space with premium products, Pachamama offers budget-friendly options such as helpful bundles and exclusive promotions. They also have a convenient monthly subscription service that allows buyers to save up to 15% on every purchase. 

Go Natural Today

Pachamama’s customers swear by its effectiveness, making its Body Lotion one of its best-sellers. Here are what verified buyers had to say: 

Nicole K.

Eczema Relief

‘This is one of the few products that relieve my red, very dry & itchy eczema patches. Very thankful for the relief!’


Great for my tired hands

‘I received this as a Holiday gift from my sister! This is great for my hands. They get tired easily and also my husband loves this on his hand where he had a deep cut. This lotion is long-lasting and smells great but not too strong.’


Amazing Lotion

‘I used the body lotion after a cold day of skiing in Colorado. It was amazing for my face after being exposed to high wind and cold temperatures all day. smells great, feels great, and truly works!’

Pachamama Plant-Based Body Lotion 1

Shop Pachamama for Skin Relief

Pachamama’s plant-based products are perfect for individuals looking for a more natural way to support their daily beauty routines and overall health. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the brand, their missions, and how their products can help you live a more fruitful life. 

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