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Even though people have been taking herbal products for centuries, concrete and reliable scientific research into the subject is still in its initial stage. Due to its illegal status, herbal products were initially studied on animals to determine its possible medical use. Now that the compound is federally legal, things are quickly unfolding into a potentially sustained billion-dollar market.

The great thing about herbal products is that people can safely enjoy a world of benefits without the mind-altering effects, even at higher dosages.

If you are new to the world of herbal products, it’s important to keep in mind that not all manufacturers are alike, and not all retailers are to be trusted. Just recently, the FDA shut down many retailers who have dishonestly claimed to carry products with certain amounts of herbal extract only for tests to reveal lesser quantities. But you know which company wasn’t part of this disgraceful list? Nass Valley Gardens! To take 30% off your order, simply use the code RELIEF30 at checkout.

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What Makes Nass Valley Gardens’ Product Unique?

Nass Valley Gardens is a prominent retailer of herbal products best known for its uniquely formulated ENERGIZE, REST, and COMPOSE tinctures. Whether you are late to the herbal world or a vet looking to explore new and better brands, Nass Valley is your most trusted source of quality and effective herbal products. Furthermore, all of their products have been infused with the highest quality, organically grown herbal extract and other natural ingredients to provide a safe and worthwhile experience.

Let’s take a closer look at their tincture collection.

Nass Valley Product Line 

Nass Valley’s plant-based oils are formulated with natural plant extracts and other organic ingredients for a high-quality formula. Each oil delivers all the benefits of the compound without any synthetic ingredients or harmful substances, providing users with a product that promotes wellness in a natural and easy way. Available in three types and two concentrations, users can pick one for their specific situation.

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Out of the three tinctures, this one is our favorite, and we’ll tell you why. ENERGIZE was formulated to beat grogginess and fuel your day in the most efficient way. Don’t let long days at the office drag you down, make Energize a part of your daily routine, and watch your productivity level go from 0 to 100 real quick.

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Finding relaxation can be hard when you have many responsibilities to take on on a daily basis. That’s why Nass Valley’s carefully crafted REST tincture blends the powerful effects of herbal extract and melatonin to aid in deep, restful sleep. This mildly flavored tincture comes loaded with everything you need to defeat restlessness and get your ticket back to dreamland. 

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Taking control of a hectic day with the unflavored COMPOSE tincture is now easier than ever. Compose provides each serving with easy, untouched herbal extract isolate. Whether you take it in the morning, or you take it at night, you’ll be sure to feel the difference. 

Better Performing Products  

Quality is everything to Nass Valley Gardens- everything. The company’s R&D team has custom-formulated each product with performance in mind. Unlike most brands out there, they aren’t here to use herbal products as a gimmick, that’s why they’ve infused all of their products with key organic ingredients that couple with their herbal formula in the best ways imaginable. 

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Nass Valley Gardens is genuinely committed to distributing high-quality and innovative products to a vastly uncontrolled market. Besides providing some of the best herbal formulas in the game, the company values it’s customers’ needs and is strong-minded in delivering an unmatched customer service experience to each and every individual they serve. The company believes that their conviction to innovate the personal care experience is only matched by their passion for improving the lives of their users and the world around them. 

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