Muertos Coffee: Community is Everything

Muertos Coffee: Community is Everything 1

If the name Muertos sounds unfamiliar to you, you don’t know good coffee. Think Starbucks is good, think again! Muertos Coffee is a popular coffee retailer, providing delicious, whole-bean coffee for homes and offices across the country. Built by firefighters, Muertos takes pride in giving back to the local communities. The company started the ‘Fill The Boot program’ to support firefighters and their families across the nation. 

For every purchase made on their site, Muertos will donate a portion of those proceeds to individuals in need, including families affected by line-of-duty losses and victims of fires, so by shopping Muertos, you’re supporting dozens of affected families. 

Muertos’ love for coffee and dedication to the communities has allowed them to bring together firefighters and public service workers nationwide. It’s time to move on from that Iced Mocha and get you some Muertos. Let’s take a look at some of their best-sellers.  

Muertos Coffee Collection

Dark Roast Full-Bean

Muertos Coffee: Community is Everything 2

Muertos’ ‘Fill the Boot’ Blend is made for coffee connoisseurs who love deeper, darker flavors. Locally roasted and made with fair trade, 100% Arabica beans, this blend guarantees optimal freshness and strong flavor in every sip. 

Each purchase of the ‘Fill the Boot’ Blend donates 5% of the proceeds to fire stations and firefighters across the country. With Muertos, coffee lovers can support families by drinking great coffee and making a genuine difference along the way.

Leatherhead French Roast Full Bean

Muertos Coffee: Community is Everything 3

Does anybody out there love a strong and bold French Roast? Whether you are on or off duty, Muertos’ signature Leatherhead coffee is guaranteed to incite your palate and the rest of your senses with its rich taste and aroma. Dark, strong, and exploding with flavor, this blend is perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy the smoky goodness of a classic French Roast.

48-Hour Medium Roast Full Bean

Muertos Coffee: Community is Everything 4

As firefighters, Muertos understands the importance of being sharp during all hours of the day and night. That is why the company created the best-selling 48-Hour Blend to keep firefighters sharp at all times. This medium roast offers a higher caffeine content with a bold yet smooth taste, providing you and your team with the energy and alertness needed to stay attentive and productive no matter the time.

Shop Muertos Coffee for More 

What really sets Muertos Coffee apart is the unmatched quality of their coffee beans. Their coffee is roasted weekly in Northern California to guarantee freshness and blends rich in flavor and aroma. The company’s meticulous bean selection and roasting processes all play a significant part in the company’s mission to satisfy your palate and stimulate your senses. 

For more info, visit their webpage and fill out the form.

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