Introducing Pachamama’s New Variety Pack

Introducing Pachamama’s New Variety Pack 1

Natural, plant-based supplements can often seem boring and bland due to a limited amount of ingredient and flavor options, as well as an overall lack of product diversity. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to brands like Pachamama and their newest Variety Pack box, which was specially designed for users craving more versatility in their everyday routines. 

The new Variety Pack comes with six capsule-like ampoules; each packed full with one of Pachamama’s signature plant-based tinctures: Focus, Relax, Recover, Detox, Balance, and Create. The best part is that the new Variety Pack is only $15.99, allowing you to try all of Pachamama’s formulas for one low price. 

Not sure what Pachamama tinctures can do for you? 

Each tincture has been expertly crafted with natural, herbal ingredients and a variety of superfoods and adaptogens selected to support your body and mind. 


Rich in brain-boosting nutrients and antioxidants, this tincture was made to support focus levels and keep you alert at all times.


Pachamama’s most popular formula can help you wind down and promote a calm mind during the most stressful moments in your day.


Created with green tea and echinacea extracts to support your immune system and supply the body with sustained energy. 


This turmeric-based tincture provides soothing and detoxifying benefits to make you feel at ease and completely refreshed. 


Made to support your natural health and well-being, this formula is made with simple ingredients that will enhance your mind and body connection.


Made with Ylang Ylang and Holy Basil to relax your senses, free your mind, and bring a general state of harmony.

Introducing Pachamama’s New Variety Pack 2

The Pachamama Difference

What sets Pachamama apart from the rest of the industry’s brands is their use of herbal superfoods for added benefits. Instead of artificially flavoring, each of their best-selling tinctures is paired with a unique blend of nutrient-rich superfoods. So, rather than picking a tincture based on flavor, Pachamama users can pick theirs based on purpose. Additionally, all their formulas are made with the purest ingredients obtained from USDA organic farms and are triple lab tested and certified by The Clean Label Project™ Purity Awarded. This ensures that all their products meet the highest quality standards and are free of lead, heavy metals, pesticides, and other unnatural substances.

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