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Eating healthy on a budget doesn’t have to mean eating poor quality, inexpensive food. You just have to be disciplined, have to plan, and train yourself to resist urges.

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We’ve all tried to eat healthy on a budget at some point in our lives. While some of us do it effortlessly, most of us struggle to get it under wraps. Today, we’re going to look at different ways to eat healthy on a budget. Eating healthy doesn’t always come cheap, but with enough planning and discipline, you can save hundreds of dollars each month and still eat healthily.

Eating healthy reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity, and some forms of cancer. It’s safe to say that eating healthy on a budget now can save you those future healthcare expenses. 

One of the best ways to save and still eat healthily is by cooking at home. It’s cheaper, enjoyable, and a healthier alternative to taking out. But that’s not the only way. If you want to eat healthy on a budget, consider the following:

Go for Generic Brands

Go for Generic Brands

Generic brands aren’t all that different from name-brands when it comes to the actual quality of the product. You can keep buying your beloved cereals, chips, or beverages, but give those generic brands a try. Most of the time, you’re only attracted to a particular product because of the marketing and not because you are positive that it is the best product out there.

Stop Shopping Hungry

Don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. As silly as this might sound, being hungry amplifies your urge to buy more things. So, the next time you hit the grocery store, make sure you snack on something first.

Less Meat Is Good

Good meat is expensive. Try a meatless dinner or two every week, and you’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save. Doing this gives you enough space for other healthy options, such as pasta, eggs, chickpeas, green peas, quinoa, and so much more.  

Leftovers Are Here for a Reason

Repurpose those leftovers into new meals. Putting your leftovers into good use is one of the best ways to save money. Take that extra chicken from that meal you just ate and save them for tomorrow. 

If you have a lot of leftovers, the freezer is the answer. Freeze your leftovers for another meal at a later time. But put a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget about them. People very often forget what is in the freezer. 

Meal Planning

Meal planning goes a long way. Some pointers when planning your weekly menu: do an inventory of what you have, look at some recipes, local discounts, and make your meals around what’s on sale and what you already have at home. Meal planning will allow you to save money and waste less food.

Stick to Your Grocery List 

Once you figure out what ingredients you already have, start on your list. Organize your shopping list by sections or aisles. Properly organizing your list keeps you from getting caught up in unnecessary temptations. Make a conscious effort to stick to the list – do not go off-script.

Stay Away From Drive-Thrus 

It is easy to be tempted to grab some fast food for lunch or on your way home after a long day. But you can beat the temptation. If you meal prep with those hectic days in mind, you can stay ahead of your starved self. It’s also a good idea to keep some protein snacks in your car if the munchies hit you in traffic. 

Coupons and Discounts

Stay away from fancy stores. Browse your local grocery store for promotions and discounts- there’s always a discount. Try asking your friends where they shop and why they shop where they shop. Gather all the information you can.

Never forget the power of coupons! Most stores nowadays offer coupons online to help you save money. Find out if your local store has one, download it, and use those coupons as you make your shopping list. Also, many stores offer specific promotions on certain days, so it may be worth your while to stock up on certain things during those times.

Insider tip: Don’t buy something just because you have a coupon or it’s on sale. If you don’t need it. Don’t buy it! 

More Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

more ways to eat on a budget

  1. If you’re serious about starting to eat healthy on a budget, consider making your own sauces, soups, and spreads. Making these things at home can help you reduce fat and lower calories found in processed items. Additionally, it helps save a ton and reduces food waste.
  2. Add fruits and vegetables to your regime. Instead of having sweets for desserts after each meal, try having some oranges or cantaloupes.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the organic aisles. Stock up on organic items when they go on sale. Additionally, consider buying canning equipment. Canning your own fruits, makes them taste way better than pre-canned foods from the supermarket.
  4. Stock up on frozen produce. Fruits and vegetables are usually pretty expensive. Frozen fruits, on the other hand, are often more affordable but just as nutritious. The best part? They typically come in large packs. Furthermore, frozen produce is excellent for making smoothies or as toppings.
  5. Buying in bulk can save you tons of money. Some of the most essential items are available in bulk and can be stored for a long time if done properly. Having some of these essential items on hand can be very convenient and can be used in all kinds of fresh meals.
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