Celebrate 4/20 With Diamond’s Biggest Sale of the Year

With April 20th just around the corner, millions are getting ready to celebrate one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. As one of the biggest names in the space, Diamond is also joining the celebrations this year with one of its biggest promotions ever. From April 18th through the 22nd, visitors to the site can take 50% off their entire order, so you can properly celebrate even in these unprecedented times.

And nope, that wasn’t a typo. Diamond is really offering a 50% discount on all orders for 4/20. All you have to do is enter code REALM420 at checkout. No catch, extra fees, or anything. It’s that simple.

New to Diamond?

If you are new to Diamond or natural supplements, you should know that Diamond has been at the forefront of the industry for years. They are mainly known for their exclusive collaborations with other renowned brands, making them one of the most complete one-stop-shops for natural, plant-based supplements. Some of the most popular brands sold by Diamond include Meds BioTech, Chill Gummies, and Chong’s Choice (founded by actor and legalization activist Tommy Chong). 

Thanks to their varied collection of products and years of experience in the industry, Diamond has cemented its position as one of the most popular and trusted companies in the natural wellness space. So, if you are new to these types of products, there’s probably no better place to start.

Our 4/20 Recommendations

In addition to its unique collaborations with other brands, Diamond is also known for its extensive collection of relaxing gummies and snacks. These have proven to be extremely popular among users due to their delicious taste and calming effects on the body and mind. From their collection of herb-infused snacks, we strongly recommend the Yum Yum Handcrafted Pretzel Rods and their Moon Rock-Flavored Choco Budz.

Celebrate 4/20 With Diamond’s Biggest Sale of the Year 1

Other products worth highlighting are the company’s signature Diamond Oil, customer-favorite Yum Yum gummies, and their entire collection of drinks made with naturally-derived ingredients

Find Your Perfect 4/20 Product

While gummies and snacks are Diamond’s most popular items, they also offer natural oils, topical creams, plant-based beverages, and even natural treats for pets. The best part is that all these products are available in different sizes and strengths so that you can choose the best type of product for your specific needs. We encourage you to explore all Diamond products and learn how each can help you make the most of your 4/20 celebrations this year.

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