5 Products to Boost Muscle Recovery

Had a killer workout earlier this week? How do you feel now? Not so great, huh? Don’t let achy muscles ruin your day and your next workout. Recover like a champ just in time for the next cook-up at the gym. Here are 5 products to boost muscle recovery.

5 Products to Boost Muscle Recovery

1. Avoid Unbearable Morning Soreness

Say goodbye to unbearable morning soreness! Pure Relief’s Rapid Cooling Roll-On is formulated with a natural blend of soothing herbal ingredients to relieve even the stiffest muscles. This cooling topical cream targets the affected area by deeply penetrating the skin and delivering plant extracts’ benefits to support muscles and joint recovery in a completely natural way. The best part? The plant-based ingredients in this super practical roll-on applicator also keep skin nourished and moisturized.

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2. Stretch to Keep Muscles Loose


If you think stretching is only necessary before a workout, think again. Stretching after a workout by doing low-impact exercise can help loosen tense muscles. It can also prepare your body for your next strenuous exercise by improving your blood flow. Cooling down by including a few stretches after your workout is a step you should not miss. 

Maximize your morning stretches with Pure Relief’s new Peach Gummies. These gummies are formulated with the purest plant extracts and other premium ingredients to provide complete support for overworked muscles and joints. Simply pop one before your stretching session and get ready to feel those muscles loosen up.

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3. Good Old Ice and Heat Packs


When your muscles are tired and in need of some tender relief, try a cold or hot treatment. For centuries doctors have been using extreme temperatures to relieve pain and speed recovery. Cold ice packs (cryotherapy therapy) can reduce inflammation. Cryotherapy can help stop developing inflammation in its tracks. The result: recovered muscles and a lower risk of muscle soreness and injury. While ice packs help reduce inflammation, heat treatments help dilate blood vessels to promote blood flow. If your muscles are spasming, heat therapy is your best bet to a speedier recovery.

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4. Relax Your Body to Loosen Muscles


Sometimes your whole body needs a break to loosen up big muscle groups. But with the way life is, some of us rarely have time to drop everything to relax and recover. Recover on the go with Pure Relief plant-based soothing oils. Available in different combinations of flavors and concentrations, these flavorful yet potent oils are designed with your sore body in mind.

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5. Rest


Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! When suffering from achy muscles, you’d be surprised how much adequate rest can help. Getting deep, restful sleep isn’t just good for muscle recovery. It also helps with mental health, your immune system, and many other important health factors. Pure Relief’s plant-infused Nighttime Gummies may support your recovery routine by promoting a healthy sleep cycle. Also formulated with melatonin, these gummies are designed to help you fall asleep naturally and wake wholly refreshed.

5 Products to Boost Muscle Recovery 5

About Pure Relief


Pure Relief is a manufacturer and retailer of wellness products made with plant-based ingredients. The Charlotte-based company provides some of the most innovative plant-based products on the market today. Pure Relief’s diverse product line sets it apart from other natural wellness brands. Their unique product line includes tincture oils, gummy vitamins, raw flowers, and topical products, to name a few. 

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Incorporating these products into your recovery routine will save you future aches and pains. Muscle soreness usually lasts for up to two days, so it’s essential to take all the necessary measures to help repair them in time for that next workout. Pure Relief’s modern and direct branding and approach have made them a popular option among health and fitness enthusiasts such as yourself. We encourage you to explore the brand’s complete collection today!

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