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3 Simple Suggestions to Fitting Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

There are many health benefits of exercise. Way many than we can ever cover in one post however, Here's a few of them:

  • It keeps you fit
  • Helps you stay in good shape.
  • Burn excess or un-needed calories living inside of you.
  • Makes you look young
  • Exercise prevents heart disease
  • Exercise prevents osteoporosis
  • And many more.

While everybody wants to do it, reap the benefits of exercise... Not everybody has the time.

The simple solution might be able to create a simple fitness program.​ Instead of ignoring exercise altogether, you could do some moderate exercise for better fitness or take this for integrating it into your busy schedule.

busy exercise

​Think of exercise like you think of a major task in the office. Break it up into tinier components. ​Instead of spending two hours in the gym or in the tennis court like your friends do, ask your trainer to divide your workout program.

Take these three suggestions into consideration as they'll be of great help if you're struggling with taking exercise serious with your busy schedule.

Suggestion 1​

Do 30 minutes of exercise four times a week

This could be just about any of the exercise for example 20 minutes cardio, 10 minutes weights (1 muscle group, e.g. legs) should do.

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Suggestion 2

Do 30 minutes of exercise three times a week

This is just like suggestion one however the exercise you have to do has been reduce to three times a week. Here's an example of how you could break em down.

  • Mon: 20 minutes cardio + 10 minutes stretching;
  • Tues: 20 minutes weights (2 muscle groups, e.g. back and abdominals) + 10 minutes of cardio.
  • Wed: 20 minutes cardio + 10 minutes of Weights (two muscle groups, e.g. triceps or chest, biceps or shoulders)

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Suggestion 3

Do Excercise For 20 minutes, 5 days a week.

Again, another suggestion that could work, See example below:

  • Week 1: all cardio
  • Week 2: weights
  • Week 3: Cardio on Mon/Wed/Fri
  • Week 4: Weights on Tues/Thurs

Then repeat the entire cycle when you get to month 2. See? as easy as that.

​Ideally, one should gradually increase the frequency or intensity, or both. But if you’re busy, and definitely can’t spare more than 30 minutes a day, then increase your intensity.

This means if your cardio involves the treadmill, take the notch up 1 level (if you started with level 3, go on to level 4 on month 2).

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