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11 Detox Water Recipes For a Healthier Body (Infographics)

If you're looking for the best detox water recipes and ideas to take care of different parts of your body, Then this post is for you.

There are many, infact different kind of detox water benefits with different ingredients and mode of preparation. That's a no brainier.

Whether you're trying to make detox water for weight loss, to cure bloating or perhaps making detox water for energy. The content of detox waters (ingredients) are so good for the body.

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Earlier in our post on detoxification, w​e explained thoroughly what this means and some simple ways to detox your body without going crazy.

In today's infographic post from we're going to show you up to 11 delectable detox water recipes your body will love.

Are you ready?

Before we visit the infographic... what are the benefits of detox ingredients? You'll find it all in the infographic but before then, Let trash a few.

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Detox water Cucumber

  • Flushes Toxins
  • Aids Digesion
  • Fights Inflammation

Detox water with Mint

  • Aids Diegsion
  • Eases Stomach Ache
  • Fights Depression

Detox water Lemon & Lime

  • Aids Diegsion
  • Aids Digestion
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Flushes toxins

Detox Water Melon

  • Flushes Toxins
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Boosts the Immune system
  • Fights Inflammation
detox water recipes

Flat Belly Detox Water

To make this, You'll need:

  • 1 Large Apple
  • 1 Large Cinnamon Stick
  • Pitcher of Ice water

Slim Down Detox Water

To make this, You'll need:

  • 1 Sliced Lime
  • 1 Sliced Lemon
  • 1/2 Sliced Cucumber
  • Pitcher of Ice water

Fat Blast Detox Water

To make this, You'll need:

  • 1 Cup Cubed Watermelon
  • 6-8 Mint Leaves
  • Pitcher of Ice water

Green tea Detox

To make this, You'll need:

  • 1 Sliced Lime
  • 1 Green Tea Bag
  • 1/4 Cup Mint Tea Leaves
  • Pitcher of Ice water

Your thoughts as to this detox water recipes?

Share it in the comments section and you may as well save this infographic to Pinterest for later.

Quick Question: Which one are you going to try first? For me, I think I'll go with the fat blast detox water to lose belly fat that has mint leaves and water melons. How about you?

Lets see yours in the comment section, Bye for now.


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  • I’m going to try either the Green tea Detox or The lemon ginger detox since I already have these ingredients on hand. They all sound so yummy that it was hard to decide to try these two first.. Who knows maybe I can get family to dink more water this way..