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What is Sunday Scaries?

Sunday Scaries is a manufacturer and retailer of high-quality herbal products formulated with the consumer in mind. The company is based out of California and offers some of the most innovative alternative wellness products out there.

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What Makes Sunday Scaries Unique?

Sunday Scaries’ unique product line sets it apart from the competition. They offer oils, gummies & candies, energy drinks, pet treats, and even bath bombs. Sunday Scaries products are formulated with the highest quality herbal extracts sourced from family-owned farms in Colorado.

Quality and Transparency

The company’s mission is to be fully transparent about the contents of the products they offer. According to Sunday Scaries, the customers are why they exist. The entire company is committed to making sure to give extra attention to the customers to make them happy in any way they can.

For those newcomers who like to know where their product is extracted from, Sunday Scaries herbal product is grown and obtained on Colorado family farms. In addition, the extraction method used guarantees potent and reliable products.

The product is grown in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill. The states’ Agriculture Departments regulate these farms. This requires their herbal products to be pesticide-free. Furthermore, the lab reports from third-party testing are readily available for any product on their website.

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Unlike other leading brands out there, Sunday Scaries’ prices are hard to beat. Besides their super handy bundle offerings, which include six different convenient combinations of their best selling products, they also offer a monthly subscription service, allowing you to save a ton. The varied product selection makes Sunday Scaries a benchmark brand for newcomers because of its quality, affordability, and potency.


In terms of flavor, Sunday Scaries is at the top of the game. Unlike other brands that only offer unflavored oils and rubs, Sunday Scaries offer pleasant and flavorsome products. The best part? They even offer vegan gummies, which are a rarity in the alternative wellness industry. Sunday Scaries is also one of the only brands that offer alternative wellness bath bombs and energy drinks.

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Customer Service

Sunday Scaries wants you to feel comfortable throughout every step in this overwhelming journey. That’s why they are open to the most intimate questions and situations. They are easy to reach, and the average time for a response on the live chat is less than three minutes. Furthermore, they also have a convenient FAQ page where you can find answers to the most common questions regarding the ingredients in their products.

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Sunday Scaries Pros

  • Unique product line
  • Subscription service
  • Personal-level assistance
  • Third-party testing
  • Transparency
  • Free shipping

Sunday Scaries Cons

  • No worldwide shipping
  • No overnight shipping

Sunday Scaries Customer Reviews

I have tried several alternative wellness products in the last couple of years. And this one is by far the best; they relax me almost immediately. I was recommended by a family member, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence.
Stacey G.
I have had issues with anxiety my entire life. Someone recommended Sunday Scaries, so I figured why not. They have been GREAT in clearing my mind and easing my anxiety during the day. I also have somewhat of an issue with OCD due to my anxiety, and my coworkers have noticed a huge change! Highly recommend!
Mandy B.
Discovering Sunday Scaries has changed my life. For the last ten years, I’ve suffered from anxiety that had left me feeling emotionally and physically drained. I started taking the gummies as a way to help take the edge off of my symptoms. The results I have felt from daily use far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been able to feel relief from my symptoms almost instantly; a feeling I never thought would have been possible without prescription medication.
Brittany C.

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