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What is Royalty Extracts?

Royalty Extracts specializes in natural supplements for active lifestyles. The company is mostly known for being one of the first companies to offer workout and recovery supplements made with plant-based extracts. This made Royalty Extracts one of the most popular choices among men and women looking to improve their performance and recovery routines in a more natural way.

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What Makes Royalty Extracts Unique?

As opposed to most brands in the plant-based supplement space, Royalty Extracts focuses on the recovery aspect of health and fitness. While they carry familiar items like natural oils, what sets the company apart is its innovative line of protein and BCAA powders made with plant-derived extracts. These natural extracts have been specially selected for their ability to work together with other active ingredients and maximize the potency of each formula. As a result, Royalty Extracts allows users to benefit from a wide range of additional benefits, including improved rest, better inflammation management, and an overall calmer mind.

Quality and Transparency

Royalty Extracts is committed to providing the highest-quality natural supplements today. Their dedication to quality can be seen at every step of their manufacturing process, starting with their plant-based extracts, obtained from organic farms in Denver, Colorado. This helps keep their supplements entirely non-GMO and free of any pesticides or other unnatural substances. Most importantly, all their products are tested by third-party laboratories to guarantee safety, purity, and the highest-possible overall quality.

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Despite their meticulous manufacturing process and natural ingredients in their formulas, Royalty Extracts won’t make you break the bank. In fact, their prices fall in line with similar products in the industry; so if you are thinking of switching to plant-based supplements, price should not be a drawback. The brand also offers a selection of bundles that will help you save even more on some of their best-selling products.

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Customer Service

If you need further evidence of Royalty Extracts’ commitment to quality, just look at their loyal customer base and reviews. The team at Royalty Extracts is extremely dedicated to its customers, offering constant support and attention to new and returning customers alike. They even have a detailed FAQ section that answers common questions surrounding legality and testing, which are subjects other brands in the industry aren’t very open and transparent about.

“Our mission is to offer fitness & health enthusiasts safe and effective supplements they can trust to help them reach their optimum health goals and maximize recovery,” their website states. “We designed our supplements to work with plant extracts in a compounding manner to help generally lower inflammation and promote the absolute best recovery possible for the human body.”

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Royalty Extracts Pros

  • Plant-based, non-GMO supplements
  • Formulas tested by third-party laboratories
  • Affordable prices
  • Dedicated customer support

Royalty Extracts Cons

  • No international shipping
  • Free shipping only on orders over $100

Royalty Extracts Customer Reviews

Love the BCAA supplement! Energy levels are through the roof during my workouts and no crash or anything like that after. Great brand and products.
Claudio O.
First week of using Royalty Extract Herbal Infused Protein was great! I take a scoop every night before bed and have noticed muscle fatigue decrease the next morning from my workouts the night before. besides the actual benefits of this protein, the flavor/taste is unbeatable! would definitely recommend this vegan
Jorge S.
The natural oil has made my nights so much more bearable. No more insomnia or restless nights. Finally getting the rest I needed.
Christian M.

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