What is Healthy Bean Coffee?

Healthy Bean is an organic coffee company specializing in semi-dark, low acid coffee beans delivered straight to your door. The company is best known for infusing their organic beans with superfoods like matcha and chia to give every serving a healthy kick. They are also the first company to offer superfood-infused coffee in whole bean form in addition to ground and decaf-ground variations. This feature has helped Healthy Bean reach a wider audience over time and made them one of the most popular healthy coffee options nationwide. Healthy Bean coffee products are all USDA certified organic and third-party tested for mold and mycotoxins, guaranteeing premium-quality coffee with every order.


What Makes Healthy Bean Coffee Unique?

It’s not hard to see why Healthy Bean has become an increasingly popular option for health-conscious coffee drinkers. The inclusion of powerhouse, nutrient-rich ingredients in their products is a significant feature that automatically places Healthy Bean a tier above your everyday coffee brand. Additionally, their coffee is gluten-free, high in antioxidants, and low in acid (5.45 pH) makes it the perfect option for all lifestyles and even the most sensitive stomachs. And did we mention all their ingredients are 100% organic and mold-free?

Quality and Transparency

While the company could do better in terms of variety (more blends), there is no question that their coffee is definitely worth a try. If you are looking for a healthier, smoother coffee option, Healthy Bean may be just what you need.

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Despite being one of the best brands for healthy coffee, Healthy Bean products are quite affordable. The company also offers various discounts and promotions that make their coffee even harder to resist. For example, all new users can get 10% OFF on their first order, while those signed up for monthly subscriptions get 10% OFF and free shipping every time. You can even get a sample of their coffee, and they will cover the shipping costs, so you can see what their coffee is all about without committing to a larger product or subscription.

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Who’s It For?


Everyday coffee drinkers looking for a new, tasty product
Users looking for a healthier, more nutritious cup of joe
Individuals in search of a new coffee subscription service (also excellent for offices)
Coffee drinkers with sensitive digestive systems
Users needing a healthy boost of energy without a crash or jitters


Coffee drinkers who prefer a variety of blends
Casual drinkers who are not picky about their coffee

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Healthy Bean Coffee Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Best mold-free coffee! Absolutely blown away with how good the coffee feels, especially for my stomach!
Sarah L.
★★★★★ Smooth, easy on my stomach, and delicious taste without the slump afterward.
Laura M.
★★★★★ Their coffee is often the best part of my morning. Always fresh, and I love the low acidity as I am someone who gets heartburn a lot and this coffee does not give me heartburn.
Matt T.

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