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Whether you live an active lifestyle or are just starting your wellness journey, having a reliable source for your natural supplements can make or break your routine. While there are many popular brands out there offering what seems to be the same type of plant-based supplements, we promise you that some brands are indeed better than others when it comes to quality and usefulness. One of those reliable brands is none other than Longevity!

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With coupon code RELIEF, you can now get a FREE Relief+Recovery Stick (valued at $79) when you purchase any Longevity product. The super convenient Relief & Recovery Stick contains 3000mg of Magnesium Oil, Arnica for faster recovery from sore muscles, Menthol for a nice cooling effect, and Ginger Root, Frankincense, and Camphor for improved blood circulation. It’s the perfect recovery tool for your on-the-go needs.

If you like to break a sweat every day, don't let sore, aching muscles or soreness keep you from missing a beat. Longevity's premium plant-based salve contains a high dose of 2000 mg for maximum support. Add terpenes, arnica oil, olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, and turmeric, the result: quick and powerful relief, where you need it, and when you need it.
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Being active takes a toll on the body. Fortunately, Longevity's Pure Relief tincture can help supercharge your workouts and speed up recovery. Want to get through that extra mile? The super convenient Pure Relief tincture from Longevity is sure to keep you feeling and moving your best.
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Don't let those period cramps get the best of you - again. Longevity's unique blend, 'She Flows,' combines 750 mg of premium plant extracts, terpenes, and a handful of beneficial ingredients, such as lemon balm, dong Quai, peony, and motherwort.
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Rest+Recover: Fuel your next escapade with Longevity's Rest & Recover tincture. The brand's Rest & Recover blend includes potent plant extracts, terpenes, and lemon balm for deeper, more restful sleep and recovery.
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The all-natural Relief+Recovery Stick from Longevity is designed to provide maximum support when you need it most. Get quick relief and experience speedy recovery with the combination of potent plant extracts and a handful of other essential compounds. These ingredients work synergistically to offer potent relief for muscles and joints. Add in magnesium and arnica for faster recovery from sore muscles. Menthol gives it a nice cooling effect, while ginger root, frankincense, and camphor increase circulation.
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