Unicorn Jerky: Candy for a Cause

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“Would you like to add a donation to your purchase?”

We’ve all experienced a cashier asking us this question as we are checking out in stores. It’s easy to say yes, but you might not like feeling pressured into it. It can easily put the kibosh on the whole charitable process.

Sunday Scaries is all about keeping things chill while getting things done. So when it comes to their Unicorn Jerky Candy, they take the straightforward route and donate to the Trevor Project with every sale.

Unicorn Jerky: Candy for a Cause 1

What Exactly Is Unicorn Jerky?

  • Introduced earlier this year, Unicorn Jerky has already become a customer favorite and had to be reordered. 
  • The product is made without any unicorn byproduct since no one has been able to track down any unicorns! But luckily, that means this “jerky” is simply a tasty candy homage that anyone can enjoy.
  • Sour, chewy, and rainbow-colored, Unicorn Jerky is infused with 10mg of herbal extract per serving. It’s a low enough strength that even newbies should feel comfortable giving it a try, plus it’s no big deal to munch on as many as three in one sitting.

Unicorn Jerky: Candy for a Cause 2

What Inspired This Candy?

Sunday Scaries’ latest product was introduced in honor of Julia Sill, co-founder Mike Sill’s younger sister. The world lost her to suicide in 2011 when she was only 19. She would have been 28 this year on May 28th, which is the so-called golden birthday when your age matches up with the day you were born. 

He and the company decided to act on behalf of her memory, to help support those who face their own internal struggles today.

As pointed out on the product description page, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people, and LGBTQ youth are especially at risk. The Sill family, and Julia’s friends and community, are intimately aware of the enduring ache of such a preventable tragedy. 

That’s why Scaries is raising money and awareness: $1 of every Unicorn Jerky sale goes towards The Trevor Project.

What Does The Trevor Project Do?

The Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 after the critically acclaimed short film Trevor brought national attention to the hardships of teenagers questioning their sexuality. The producers and writer of the film saw that there were no resources to address the challenges LGBTQ youth face. With the help of professionals, they created The Trevor Project to fill that void. 

  • Today, they’re considered the “premier organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ teens and young adults” under 25. 
  • Their 24-hour crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline was the first national hotline of its kind. 
  • They also offer training and workshops to educate and equip adults working with youths, as well as resources, opportunities, and community for those LGBTQ youths.

The Trevor Project works hard to save and improve young lives. Sunday Scaries hopes to raise $10,000 for them by the end of the year through Unicorn Jerky donations.

Unicorn Jerky: Candy for a Cause 3

Superior Quality for a Good Cause

Sunday Scaries uses the finest American herbal extract sourced from Colorado farms and has its products independently lab tested for purity and accurate potency. When business partners Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt founded the brand, they decided from the start that it would be built on the values of transparency and quality. 

They don’t undercut the advertised herbal content but also never deliver more than promised. These are meant to be chill and casual everyday snacks, not a medicinally-minded mega serving.

Aside from the herbal extract, Unicorn Jerky contains other natural ingredients sourced from the USA, including pure cane sugar and coconut oil. At only 7 calories a pop and 2g of carbohydrates from sugar and the donations benefitting The Trevor Project,  this is a sweet you don’t have to be guilty about.


Unicorn Jerky is Sunday Scaries’ Candy for a Cause — for Julia. $1 of every Unicorn Jerky purchase goes towards The Trevor Project and supporting suicide prevention and awareness for LGBTQ youth. 

It’s now back in stock for $24 and ships for free. So take advantage of a candy that will make you feel good for more than one reason. Buy a package and take a bite with pride.

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