Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip 1

Hunting trips are not only a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air; they can also be a lot of fun. However, bringing the right foods on your trip is essential if you want it to go as smoothly as possible. This article will discuss the best foods you should bring on a hunting trip and why.

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Hunting Season Dates

Hunting seasons are here to increase your likelihood of success. The state authorities usually determine the hunting season dates based on the wildlife’s breeding periods to control the increase or the decline of an animal’s population. On the other hand, off-seasons allow these animals to recover from being hunted and reproduce. 


Every state has its hunting seasons, and knowing these periods begin and end is essential to be a qualified hunter. Understanding these dates helps level out the playing field between the hunter and animals. This is called “fair chase.” The truth of the matter is, there are various hunting seasons per type of game, and there are a few things you must know before getting out there. Find everything about hunting season dates and games here.

Top Camp Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip

The 6 meals and snacks we’re going to look at today can be easily stored and prepared at camp to stay fired up for the hunt.

Oatmeal Packs

Oatmeal is an excellent quick-and-easy meal for when you’re pressed for time. All you need is a stove, water, and perhaps some toppings like cinnamon or fruits. Dried fruit and nuts are all great toppings that will add wholesome calories to the meal.

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip 2


Whatever you’re into, fruits are an excellent food choice to go on a hunting trip. Some hunters prefer apples as their portable fruit of choice; some prefer berries. And remember never to toss your peels in the woods; that’s a Leave No Trace no-no.

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip 3

Nutritional Bars

You can pack your favorite protein or energy bars. You could also pack some chocolate snacks or candies if you like that sort of thing. Consider separating them from the wrapper before heading out and storing them in a reusable bag to avoid noisy crinkling.

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip 4


If your hunt goes smoothly, you’ll have enough meat to feast by the time the hunt is over. Until then, consider bringing some jerky to munch on. It’s an excellent source of protein, and some varieties have a high-fat content.

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip 5


Carbs are essential for staying satiated on a trip. Consider getting some snack crackers. If you absolutely must, pack some cream cheese and make a small meal out of it.

Top 6 Foods to Bring on a Hunting Trip 6

Instant Coffee

Is there anything more fundamental than coffee? Consider packing some instant coffee for your hunting trip. Nowadays, you can buy everything from mild brews to specialty caffeine blends.

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Hunting evolved from a vital means of survival to a pleasurable, bonding activity. Now that you know what foods to bring to your next hunting trip, enjoy the game. Having the right snacks and food can make all the difference in your hunting trip. While there’s no foolproof menu for hunting specifically, there are some things to keep in mind that will make your next hunting trip a memorable escape.

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