The Natural Wellness Company on a Mission to Help

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With more Americans switching to healthier lifestyles every day, demand for natural supplements is at an all-time high. Plant-based products, in particular, have become extremely popular among consumers who are looking to ditch harmful, artificial ingredients in favor of naturally-derived formulas. One of the most popular brands spearheading this natural wellness movement is FAB, the Wisconsin-based company known for its diverse collection of plant-based supplements. 

How FAB is Leading the Industry

Founded in 2017, FAB quickly gained popularity thanks to its high-quality products made with entirely natural formulations. They have earned a reputation for taking the “natural” in natural wellness very seriously, creating all their formulas with the finest natural ingredients available today. With one of the largest customer bases in the industry, the company has gradually built a community of health-minded individuals through their brand, making FAB the go-to option for new users who don’t want to go through this journey alone.

The Natural Wellness Company on a Mission to Help 1

Created to Help the Community

FAB’s community-based company model is a direct result of the brand’s original purpose. FAB started as a way for founder Josh Delaney to help his aging mother and grandfather after witnessing first-hand how reliant they had become on over-the-counter medications. 

Gradually, Josh helped his family slow their use of medications by providing them with natural, plant-based solutions for their health needs. He soon realized there was a real, effective alternative to medications that could help thousands of people who face similar problems every day. This led him to establish FAB to give people better access to natural products backed by science and real-life experiences. 

According to their mission statement, FAB’s goal is to help by creating the best products on the market. “We want to pioneer a new generation of people living a preventative wellness lifestyle,” they state on the site. “We believe in formulating quality products with a specific intent and purpose. No gimmicks, no hype, just results.”

The Natural Wellness Company on a Mission to Help 2


More Than Just an Online Store

Today, the company has an established position as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They have been featured in prestigious publications like Business Insider, Forbes, LA Weekly, and more. 

In recent times, the company has been using its influence in the industry to improve lives beyond selling high-quality products. They have collaborated with organizations to give back to the community and are always working to educate the public through their blogs and social platforms. Most recently, they partnered with Make-A-Wish Foundation to complete three wishes for children in need this past holiday season. 

The Natural Wellness Company on a Mission to Help 3

Discover FAB Today

There is no question that FAB is, by far, one of the best choices for natural supplements available today. From oils to gummies, and everything in between, FAB is guaranteed to have the right supplement for you. They even offer a selection of plant-based superfood powders so that you can supplement your diet with nutrient-rich greens. If you are new to FAB or plant-based products, we recommend reading more about the company on their website so you can judge for yourself if FAB is right for you. 

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