The Most Delicious Way to Enjoy Natural Supplements

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If you are looking for natural methods to support a healthier lifestyle, you probably have considered plant-based supplements for your daily routine. Plant-based oils, in particular, have become quite popular among those seeking natural solutions to promote a healthier body and mind. But with so many options available, choosing an oil that you will genuinely enjoy may be a daunting task. And that is why we are here to recommend our favorite organically-formulated, flavored oil so that you can experience all the benefits of plant-derived ingredients in the most pleasant way.

The Most Delicious Way to Enjoy Natural Supplements 1

Introducing Penguin’s Cookies & Cream Herbal Oil

Penguin’s Cookies & Cream Oil was specifically made to give users a delicious way to enjoy all the benefits of organic, plant-derived ingredients. This sweet, tart version of their signature oil is available in three different strengths: 250mg for beginners, 600mg for everyday users, and 1000mg for those experiencing severe symptoms. While their Cookies & Cream Oil is the most popular, you can feel free to choose between their mint, citrus, natural, and strawberry flavors.

Why Penguin?

As opposed to most brands in the natural wellness space, the Penguin team consists of actual professionals with years of experience in scientific and educational fields. From hemp farmers to lab technicians, the Penguin team is among the most qualified professionals in the natural supplement industry. However, what really places this brand head and shoulders above the rest is their organically grown ingredients obtained from sustainable farms in Oregon. Their manufacturing process is entirely eco-conscious for the purpose of making natural products that are actually 100% natural.

The Most Delicious Way to Enjoy Natural Supplements 2

Cookies & Cream Oil Benefits

Whether you choose Penguin’s Natural-Flavored Oil or their Cookies & Cream Oil, you can rest assured you will get all the benefits of their herbal ingredients. All Penguin oil formulas are made with exactly the same natural ingredients obtained from organically grown plants. Thanks to the benefits of their natural ingredients, daily use of these oils can help:

  • Relieve stress
  • Support sleep
  • Manage pain and aches
  • Provide mental clarity
  • Enhance focus
  • Promote alertness


How to Use Penguin’s Herbal Oil

If you are new to herbal oils, we suggest starting with a small daily dose. You can then work your way up gradually if the desired effects are not achieved. Make sure to also follow suggested uses and instructions on the product label.

While Penguin’s Cookies & Cream Oil tastes great by itself, you can also mix it into foods and beverages like smoothies and baked desserts. When it comes to herbal oil, the options are endless, so you can choose the best way to take your daily dose, depending on your specific preferences and needs.

Try Penguin’s Cookies & Cream Oil Today

If you are considering integrating herbal oils into your everyday routine, a flavored option is definitely the way to go. Penguin’s Cookies & Cream provides users with a delicious and convenient way to benefit from all the natural properties of organic, plant-derived ingredients. Check it out today, and use the code “waddle10” to save 10% on your order.

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