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What is Veritas Farms ?

Veritas Farms, headquartered in South Florida, is a natural wellness brand specializing in plant-derived products. They offer a diverse assortment of high-quality, naturally-derived formulas, including oils, edibles, skincare products, and tinctures for pets. However, what really sets them apart from the competition is their unique manufacturing process and relentless commitment to transparency.

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What Makes Veritas Farms Unique?

Unlike the vast majority of natural brands, Veritas Farms is a vertically-integrated company. This means that they control their own supply chain, so they are directly involved in every step of production, from the cultivation of their own plants to the manufacturing of their natural oil. They are there from the beginning until the end—from soil to oil.

As opposed to most companies in the industry, the publicly-traded company (VFRM) has its own 140-acre farm in Pueblo, Colorado. According to their website, they grow their plants “similar to a quality vineyard, giving quality attention to each plant while using drip irrigation to provide precise hydration and conserve pure Rocky Mountain water.”

Quality and Transparency

When it comes to quality, Veritas Farms is in a category of its own. Their artisanal process allows them to provide the utmost attention to detail when manufacturing their oil. This guarantees high-quality formulas without any solvents, pesticides, or unnatural substances. In terms of effectiveness, taste, and overall quality, there is no question Veritas Farms is up there with the best.

Veritas means “truth” in Latin, so it’s no surprise honesty and transparency are two of the company’s most important values. You can learn all about their cultivation and manufacturing process by visiting their website, where they provide a detailed explanation of what goes into each of their formulas and the strict testing process their products go through. Additionally, all their certificates of analysis (COAs) are available online. COAs are issued by third-party laboratories to prove quality control results and confirm each product purchased meets its product specification. You can check these third-party lab results for yourself by scanning the QR code that comes with every Veritas Farms product. Visitors are also encouraged to get in touch with their customer service team for questions regarding the brand or any of their products.

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With no “middle man” involved in the sourcing of their natural oil, Veritas offers products at surprisingly affordable prices. For example, their best-selling 500mg Peppermint Oil sells at only $49.99 and none of the products from their innovative skincare line exceed the $40 mark.

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Veritas Farms Pros

  • High-quality “artisanal” products
  • Single-sourced using sustainable farming methods
  • Diverse collection of formulas
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fully transparent

Veritas Farms Cons

  • No international shipping
  • No subscription service

Veritas Farms Customer Reviews

Love, love, LOVE the new beauty products. I had been looking for a good natural beauty brand for a long time and I think I finally found the one. Their products are really natural and most importantly, they are effective and gentle on the skin. 10/10.
Eli H.
Their gummies are by far my favorite product that I have tried and I have been trying different ones for the past two years. Flavor is by far better than the rest and its effects are really felt. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a natural way to relieve stress.
Daniel E.
Been using their products for some months now, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I’m amazed by the range of products they carry. I can change my order every month with different products for my changing needs. I have their oils, creams, and lotions and they are now part of everyday routine. Can’t live without them!
Johanna P.

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