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What is Revive?

Revive MD is a health-based wellness company co-founded by world-respected fitness coach Matt Jansen and Dr. Domenic Iacovone, a well-respected personage in the fitness world and the hormone therapy world. Unlike most wellness companies, the team at Revive has decades of experience in formulating supplements designed for those who want to improve their health and enhance their wellness routine.

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What Makes Revive Unique?

Whether you are an athlete looking to enhance your workouts or an individual suffering from blood pressure or liver problems, Revive has a product for everyone. Their collection of supplements offers a solution to some of life’s most common complications.

Because of their vertically-integrated structure, Revive is responsible for all aspects of production, from formulating to packaging, and everything in between. This helps give the company more control over its manufacturing process, ensuring it stays in line with Current Good Manufacturer Practice (cGMP) regulations. Their facility is operated under safe and rigorous standards, routinely passing FDA and third-party audits. Moreover, the company also conducts thorough testing on every formula to make sure they are pure, potent, and completely safe for users. By following these strict SOPs, Revive ensures every aspect of the business complies with industry regulations and meets the highest possible industry standards.

Quality and Transparency

The team behind Revive’s supplements are perfectionists. They control all aspects of production, from formulating to packaging, and everything in between. Their facility is rigorously controlled by meticulous standards and is routinely audited by the FDA and third-party tests. Moreover, the company conducts thorough testing on every product they make to bring you a supplement that is effective and safe. Let’s take a look at some of Revive’s best-selling products.

There are a number of elements that have made Revive one of the most popular supplement brands in the world, but there is one aspect in particular that makes them stand head and shoulders above their competitors: the ingredients. All Revive supplements are formulated with clinically-researched ingredients backed by science. Unlike many companies on the market, Revive uses no miracle, cure-all ingredients. Each formula contains a specific list of ingredients carefully chosen by the company’s team of medical professionals and experts. The best part is that they are very transparent about their manufacturing process and ingredients. If you visit the Revive site, you’ll find in-depth information about their manufacturing process and the specific ingredients used in each formula. We encourage you to take a look at their products and the ingredients yourself to learn more about each formula and how they are different from the rest.

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Revive Customer Reviews

This product is a staple in my daily routine. I was taking underdosed liver protection products until I found Revive! So happy with this product. The blood work doesn't lie!
Jimmy M.
Absolutely love this stuff! Not only has it helped me with inflammation, but it's helped with my ulcerative colitis! Definitely recommend this product!
Saturno S. M.
I have dry skin so the exfoliation in the scrub really works for me and it’s not too harsh on my skin. Love it!
Nadia B.

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