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What is Penguin?

Named after one of the most “chill” species out there, Penguin is a retailer specializing in botanical products for relaxing the body and mind. They are known for their eco-friendly approach and their innovative formulas made from pure, plant-based ingredients that are organically grown in Colorado. To take 10% off your order, simply use the code waddle10 at checkout.

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What Makes Penguin Unique?

As opposed to most brands in the natural wellness space, the Penguin team consists of actual professionals with years of experience in scientific and educational fields. From hemp farmers to lab technicians, the Penguin team is among the most qualified professionals in the natural supplement industry. However, what really places this brand head and shoulders above the rest is their organically grown ingredients obtained from sustainable farms in Oregon. Their manufacturing process is entirely eco-conscious for the purpose of making natural products that are actually 100% natural.

Quality and Transparency

There is no questioning Penguin’s commitment to quality. All their products are made with organically-sourced ingredients and manufactured using the safest methods available today.
In addition to using organic, plant-derived ingredients, all their supplements go through a strict quality testing process at third-party laboratories. This helps ensure that all Penguin products are free of pesticides, chemicals, and other unnatural and harmful substances.

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Penguin products offer great value for your money. While their product prices fall in line with similar products in the industry, they are made to last longer (usually 1+ month supply) and are formulated with better ingredients than their competitors. Penguin also offers a monthly subscription service that will help you save even more on some of their best-selling products like their gummies and peppermint-lavender cream.

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Customer Service

Penguin’s commitment to being the best provider of natural supplements goes beyond product quality. They are highly dedicated to each and every one of their customers, offering around-the-clock support and transparent information about their products and manufacturing process. Users can even view their COAs (Certificate of Analysis), which are the test results from independent laboratories.

“It is our mission to provide accessible, high-quality herbal products at an affordable price. We are also dedicated to transparency during our process. At any time you can check the lab results from third-party tests right here on the website,” their website states. “We want our customers to feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied the whole way—from the moment they confirm their purchase to the last drop they take from their bottle.”

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Penguin Pros

  • All herbal ingredients are 100% organic
  • Ingredients from eco-friendly, sustainable farms
  • Affordable subscription service
  • Third-party tested for quality control
  • Free Shipping

Penguin Cons

  • No international orders

Penguin Customer Reviews

I recommend their capsules for those dealing with stress. An amazing supplement and the best part is that it is completely natural.
Claudia L.
I love the gummies. The perfect way to wind down after busy days. And they’re absolutely delicious!
Alvaro M.
The cream has revolutionized my exercise routine. It works great for my sore muscles and joints. I love this stuff.
Kevin G.

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