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What is Oliver's Harvest?

Oliver’s Harvest is a wellness company with over three decades of experience in the natural wellness business. They specialize in the cultivation and production of quality natural wellness products. Their extensive collection offers users a broad spectrum of options to promote their overall wellness in a perfectly natural way.

They control the production of their tinctures, gummies, pet oils, and supplements, starting with the extraction of oil on their organic farm in North Carolina. This allows them to guarantee that the products are formulated with only the purest ingredients. Furthermore, each of their formulas is tested by ISO-certified third-party laboratories, ensuring that their products comply with all industry regulations and meet the highest standards for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

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What Makes Oliver’s Harvest Unique?

Oliver’s Harvest believes that everyone deserves to be the healthiest version of themselves. Their mission is to make the natural benefits of natural wellness more accessible to the public and to destigmatize the deleterious falsehoods surrounding the compound. Besides offering quality products, they also offer a wide array of educational resources to help newcomers understand how natural wellness can make a difference in their lives. Oliver’s Harvest prides itself on providing their customers with the best natural wellness products and promises that their customer’s health will always be their primary concern.

Quality and Transparency

The company’s mission is to provide its users with the highest quality products so that they can properly experience the benefits of natural wellness. Additionally, all of their full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products are formulated with quality oil sourced from their farms in North Carolina. Whether you’re into gummies, oils, or just looking for a reliable tincture for your furry child, Oliver’s has something for you.

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For the unmatched quality of their products, Oliver’s Harvest’s prices are hard to compete with. Besides their affordable, high-quality products, they also offer convenient bundles and various supplements. 


In terms of flavor, Oliver’s Harvest’s products are as flavorful as they are potent. Unlike other brands, Oliver Harvest offers three flavored tinctures and two varieties of gummies. The same thing goes for their pet tinctures, from the irresistible bacon flavor to peanut butter treats, the choice is ultimately yours.  

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Oliver’s Harvest Pros

  • Extensive product line
  • Third-party testing
  • Transparency
  • Convenient bundles

Oliver’s Harvest Cons

  • No worldwide shipping
  • No overnight shipping
  • No Subscription service
  • No free shipping

Oliver’s Harvest Customer Reviews

Worst migraine headache of my life, I was bedridden for days, until I used Natural Wellness Extract Oil combined with rest, I was able to leave the house again.
James Parker
I was trying to find something that took the edge off but did not make me feel “high”, and this is the perfect product! Thanks so much again!!!
Dawn Everette
Natural Wellness Extract Oil is a great way to chill before a performance. I’m not as anxious.
Marie Stutzman

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