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What is Nass Valley Gardens?

Nass Valley Gardens is a reputable manufacturer and retailer of natural wellness products best known for its uniquely formulated ENERGIZE, REST, and COMPOSE tinctures. Whether you are new to the herbal world or a veteran looking to explore new brands, Nass Valley is your most trusted source of quality, affordable, and effective herbal products. Furthermore, all of their products have been infused with the highest quality, organically grown herbal extract and other natural ingredients to provide a safe and worthwhile experience.

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What Makes Nass Valley Gardens Unique?

Nass Valley Gardens is deeply committed and invested into researching, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality and innovative products to a vastly unregulated market. They do this by holding the highest certifications and standards for all their facilities, operations, and team. Besides providing some of the best herbal formulas in the market, the company values it’s customers’ needs and is committed to delivering an unmatched customer service experience to each and every individual they serve. Nass Valley believes that their conviction to innovate the personal care product and experience is only matched by their passion for improving the lives of their users and the world around them.

Quality and Transparency

Nass Valley is profoundly dedicated to quality, and it’s because of this passion that they are able to set the bar high for other natural wellness brands to exceed them. The company’s R&D team has custom formulated each product with performance in mind. Unlike most brands out there, they aren’t here to use herbal products as a gimmick, that’s why they’ve infused all of their products with key organic ingredients that couple with their herbal formula in the best ways imaginable.

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For the unmatched quality and potency that Nass Valley provides, the prices are pretty attractive and hard to beat. Besides their high-quality oils, users can also find an effective topical solution without going over budget. They also provide free shipping on all orders. To take 30% off your order, simply use the code NASS30 at checkout.

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Nass Valley Gardens Pros

  • Lab-tested
  • They are the manufacturer and retailer
  • Product Transparency Reports
  • Free shipping available
  • Innovative products
  • Educational resources
  • Cruelty-free products
  • THC-free products

Nass Valley Gardens Cons

  • No subscription service yet
  • Limited product line
  • Limited concentrations

Nass Valley Gardens Customer Reviews

I love the body balm. So helpful when you go out wearing heels. Thank you Nass Valley.
Marie Monteagudo
Got my Energize bottle a couple of weeks ago and it’d been amazing and easy to use. LOVE IT!
Leila Banks
I love using Nass Valley’s tinctures! So easy to dose and take. The instructions provided were super clear and the flavor wasn’t intimidating.
Juan Guerrero

Nass Valley Gardens Product Line

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