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What is H Bombs?

Founded in 2016, H Bombs is a manufacturer of plant-derived wellness products designed to support different lifestyles. They are known for using ingredients sourced from premium-grade plants grown in the U.S., as well as for constantly updating their product line with some of the most innovative supplements in the natural wellness space.

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What Makes H Bombs Unique?

Unlike other supplement brands, the team at H Bombs consists of experts with years of experience in natural wellness. From sourcing to shipping, the company is hands-on with each step of the production process to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards. However, what really sets H Bombs apart from its competitors is its diverse collection of plant-based products, including oils, capsules, topicals, and even edibles.

Quality and Transparency

If you are looking for easy and convenient ways to integrate plant-based supplements into your diet, H Bombs is the way to go. In addition to the typical oils and capsules, they also offer delicious options like gummies, lollipops, and “shots,” all of which are ideal for new users and those who prefer a sweet, familiar taste. All products in their collection are made with premium herbal extracts sourced from plants cultivated on licensed American farms. They also conduct in-house lab tests, as well as independent tests in ISO-certified third-party laboratories to further ensure purity, safety, and overall quality. For the sake of transparency with its customers, H Bombs even publishes the full panel lab test results for each batch of products online.

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H Bombs has some of the most affordable plant-based products on the market, with their formulas offering the best value per milligram. Whether you choose to try their oils, topicals, or their wide assortment of edibles, you can rest assured you’ll be getting some of the best deals on the market today. H Bombs also offer a collection of special bundles, allowing customers to save even more when buying products in bulk.

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Customer Service

H Bombs’ customer service is second to none. Not only have they gained a loyal following thanks to their quality products but also because of their credibility and transparency, especially when it comes to their production and testing process. This helps give customers the peace of mind they need before committing to their products. Customers can also choose to get in touch with their personalized service team for further questions about their processes and formulas. The H Bombs team is always ready to help and provide you with all the guidance you need in every step of your journey.

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H Bombs Pros

  • Natural ingredients from plant-derived sources
  • Some of the most affordable products in the industry
  • Diverse selection of products, including edibles
  • Third-party tested for quality control
  • Free shipping on orders $75+

H Bombs Cons

  • Limited international orders
  • No subscription services

H Bombs Customer Reviews

Love their edible products! The gummies and lollipops are a great way to relax.
Alejandra S.
I use the oils and topicals for my workout and they make such a difference in my post-workout recovery.
Jorge R.
Capsules are perfect to wind down after a long day. Helps me fall asleep like a baby.
Nick G.

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