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What is Guardian Athletic?

Guardian is an American company specializing in natural alternatives to sports products like supplements, drinks, and topicals. Their flagship sports drink, in particular, has taken the sports world by storm thanks to its organic formulation, which re-hydrates and fuels athletes without the use of artificial, unnatural ingredients. The main active ingredient in their sports drink formula, as well as their topical solutions, is nano-enhanced herbal extracts obtained from organic, full-spectrum plants.

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What Makes Guardian Athletic Unique?

When it comes to quality, no other products come close to Guardian’s lineup. Despite the popularity of natural wellness products, no other brand has accomplished what Guardian has achieved in terms of quality and innovation in the space. Their use of nano-powered extracts gives users an alternative that can’t be found anywhere else, placing their products head and shoulder above their competition.

Why Nano-Enhanced Extracts?

Nano-powered extract refers to full-spectrum plant extracts that have been enhanced through additional scientific steps during manufacturing. This enhanced formula allows the active ingredients in the extracts to move faster through the body, increasing bioavailability and effectiveness. Guardian’s nano-powered full-spectrum formula is completely organic and contains no artificial additives or other undesired substances. In fact, their plant-based drinks are vegan, gluten-free, and 100% non-GMO.

Quality and Transparency

As opposed to the most popular sports drinks and sports supplements, Guardian’s natural formulations means they have nothing to hide. The company ensures they provide the right labeling to highlight the contents of their products, like their drinks, which are certified non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Additionally, they provide an in-depth FAQ and educational section where users can find information about unfamiliar concepts like full-spectrum plants and nano-enhanced extracts.

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Due to their organic formulation, we didn’t expect Guardian sports drinks to cost the same as regular, sugar-loaded sports drinks. However, while pricier than most popular sports drinks, Guardian is surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider how they are made. If you would like to get the most bang for your buck, your best option is to order Guardian drinks online in packs of six. The company’s other products can also be found online at equally affordable prices.

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Guardian Athletic Pros

  • 100% organic drinks
  • Nano-powered technology
  • All products infused with full-spectrum extracts
  • Leading, pioneering brand in the industry

Guardian Athletic Cons

  • Sports drink only available in 3 flavors
  • No international shipping

Guardian Athletic Customer Reviews

The taste is great and help you during your workouts. I was getting a little light headed during my 2hr bodybuilding routine and this helped me feel better during my workout so I could push harder and put on those pounds of muscle.
Joe Thomas
Love this! I am addicted! Never was a huge fan of water or those watery electrolyte sports drinks. I have used water flavor drops and they suffice but it still gives me a watered down juice vibe and tastes pretty artificial. These are full flavored, taste much more natural and, the calorie cut and reduced sugar compared to fruit juices is significant.
Adam Hayes
This is my favorite. I’ve used others and like them as well. I needed a good hydration drink in the morning, this is my second order on this product. Very tasty, good healthy ingredients and a perfect alternative to sodas.
Cindy Meeks

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