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What is FAB?

FAB is a retailer of quality natural wellness products. FAB is one of the most reliable natural wellness companies in the industry and is dedicated to creating the best possible product for their customers.

New year, same old FAB! It’s no secret that every new year brings a new set of opportunities for us to get it right and new moments for us to cherish. This year, why not try to be the healthiest version of yourself?

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym 6 days a week and eating nothing but salads and fruits. Being healthy starts with a good routine. Healthy routines create structure in our lives, instills good habits, and helps us achieve our goals. How do you get started on this perfect routine, you ask?

That’s where FAB comes in.

Why Choose FAB Herbal Products This Year

  • FAB is a popular retailer of quality herbal products. The company is dedicated to formulating the best possible products for their customers to find relaxation when they need it the most.
  • FAB has been on the natural wellness product scene since late 2017. Their quality products aim to prevent, relieve, and support healthy living through traditional supplements, topicalsSuperfood dietary supplements, and other offerings.
  • Free shipping to all 50 states with a purchase of $89 or more. FAB accepts returns and gives refunds for up to 30 days. If the product doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can exchange it for something else, no hassle.
  • As a benefit, you can also reap, there are FAB affiliate coupons to be found all over the web. Use one of the codes at checkout for a nice little discount.

FABulous Product Lineup

Gummy Chews

These are not your average candy!  FAB’s best selling herbal gummy chews are vegan, come in a tangy fruit flavor, and have a relatively low supplement content. That makes them perfect for casual everyday use while providing potential benefits such as:

  • Calming stress
  • Promoting good sleep if taken before slumber time
  • Relaxing mild aches and soreness, such as after a workout
  • Enhancing overall wellness for body and mind

Designed to fit any lifestyle, the gummy chews are perfect to be taken on-the-go.

Dog Treats

Pets often go through some of the same things humans go through– anxiety, feeling under the weather for whatever reason, or even skin issues. FAB recently launched 3 delicious herbal, crunchy dog treats that target different needs:

  • Calm and Cool, in peanut butter apple, to help good boys keep it together in higher stress situations like storms, separation, or socializing.
  • Active Immune, in chicken flavor, to help get dogs out and about like they’re a puppy again.
  • Skin and Coat, in salmon, to support healthy inflammatory response and provide plenty of needed omega-3s.

Green Superfoods

These delightful blends of 80+ key micro-nutrients will aid the removal of damaging toxins, boost energy, and help you feel amazing! Looking for the right products to get the nutrients your body needs can be time-consuming and expensive. Available in three flavors, these unique blends of nature’s most powerful ingredients were thoughtfully formulated to support your daily active lifestyle.


While you might not have considered hitting up your local health store for natural supplements, health and wellness are definitely in this year! Be the change you wish to see in this world, and set an example for your friends and family, inspiring them to take their health and that of their pets seriously, too.

A Guide to FAB Natural Wellness Products 2


A Guide to FAB Natural Wellness Products 3
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Client Testimonials

Oils Great product! Bought my last bottle at a home town place and the quality was not near as good.
Angela J.
Superfoods Taste These products are absolutely, insanely great tasting. I’ve never tasted this good a tasting superfoods/detox products. Both flavors are amazing. Plus, it’s amazing getting EVERYTHING you need all in one product. Definitely a one of a kind product!!
Blake S.
Pawsome treats We tested these dog treats out, and they worked very well. First and most important they did not upset his dietary system. Great job, keep up the good work.
Tony F.

About FAB

FAB is a retailer of quality natural wellness products. FAB is one of the most reliable natural wellness companies in the industry and is dedicated to creating the best possible product for their customers. They have a great passion for assisting newcomers find their happy place through their high-quality products. To take 20% off your order, simply use the code REALM20 at checkout.

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