Family-Owned Products Improving Alternative Wellness Since the 1800s

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The alternative wellness industry is home to more companies than you could possibly imagine. Some of them have been around for less than a year, some of them for more than 100 years. Daddy Burt is one of the oldest manufacturers and retailers of alternative wellness products in the United States. With over 100 years of expertise, it’s safe to say that Daddy Burt is one of the most reputable companies this industry has to offer.  

Daddy Burt —  The Rekindling of a Family Legacy

Daddy Burt is a manufacturer and retailer with a long history of alternative wellness farming, dating back to a time before the first world war. The renaissance of alternative wellness cultivation in Kentucky and the rediscovery of the plant’s benefits inspired the establishment of this unyielding family-owned company. 

The family’s history of alternative wellness farming and passion for helping others live healthier lives continues to this day. Joe Burton (known as “Daddy Burt), was a distinguished leader in Kentucky alternative wellness farming in the 1930s and 1940s. Daddy Burt was admired for helping others and doing things the right way. 

When the Second World War befell, the country needed alternative wellness products, Daddy Burt answered the call by increasing farming operations to produce one of the most abundant alternative wellness crops in Kentucky history. His service was recognized by the USDA War Board and was used in the alternative wellness for Victory campaign of 1942, encouraging other Kentucky farmers to grow alternative wellness for the war effort.

Daddy Burt takes great pride in producing the purest alternative wellness-derived products in the world. They work with specialists, farmers, and processing partners to combine cutting-edge genetics, innovative harvesting, cultivation, and rigorous quality control programs. Using only premium alternative wellness plants, Daddy Burt crafts to perfection their proprietary alternative wellness-rich products.

The Daddy Plant-to-Product System

To separate itself from the others, Daddy Burt formulated a system to guarantee that all of their products are of high-quality. To ensure further safety, the company uses independent third-party testing to verify that their ingredients are pure and potent. Daddy Burt believes that if people are going to get the benefits of the plant, they should be able to trust the brand they are purchasing from. Their Plant-To-Product™ System tracks your product from the planting of the seeds to the moment your product is packaged and sealed. At Daddy Burt, you can rest assured everything listed on the label matches accurately to what is in the product.

Certified by the U.S Alternative Wellness Authority

The U.S. Alternative Wellness Authority Certification is the industry’s independent process for regulating strict safety protocols, manufacturing practices, and processing methods for alternative wellness products. Currently, there are but 17 companies in the world that have been certified by the U.S. Alternative Wellness Authority for producing quality alternative wellness products. Daddy Burt earned this illustrious acknowledgment due to the practical procedures of our Plant-To-Product™ System.

Shop Daddy Burt for More High-quality Alternative Wellness Products

The alternative wellness industry is still in the early stages of its life. And because the company has been around longer than the industry, not all alternative wellness brands out there match the high-quality standards that they have. 

Due to the poor regulations surrounding the industry, many companies take advantage of the situation and sell deceiving products. These dishonest companies are hurting the reputation of the plant and preventing you from trusting the compound. That is why buying your products from a brand with third-party testing and is so essential.

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