Pachamama: Verified by the Clean Label Project

The food and supplement industry is on the brink of a significant standard shift when it comes to safety and purity. With the growing popularity of herbal products, the Clean Label Project award program is now more critical than ever. This program is based on product safety concerns that consumers are increasingly worried about – pesticides, heavy metals, plasticizers, other synthetic substances, and transparency in labeling. 

Whether you’re a regular user of plant-based products or a newcomer, you need to pay close attention to the products you buy. All too often, sellers are not entirely honest about what they put in their products and their processes to eliminate harmful materials. With the lack of industry regulations, programs like the Clean Label Project helps separate the good from the bad with unannounced retail product sampling and testing.

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Pachamama – Clean Label Project Verified 

A fundamental benefit of purchasing a product with the Purity Award is knowing that the product contains the ingredients listed on the label and that the product does not contain harmful chemicals.

As opposed to most brands in the industry, Pachamama’s herbal products have been awarded the Purity Award by the Clean Label Project™️. In other words, the products contain no toxins, and the label matches its ingredients.

The company prides itself on being accountable when it comes to their clients’ wellness needs. That’s why they conduct rigorous testing at every step of the process: at harvest, after extraction, and on the final product. You can trust that what’s going in your body is as effective as it is safe.

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About Pachamama

Award-winning Pachamama specializes in all-natural supplements created to support all types of lifestyles. Their products are made with tested plant-based ingredients known for their beneficial properties, helping you experience a more balanced life.

Thanks to their use of plant-based ingredients, Pachamama provides users with a completely safe and natural way to support their mental and physical health. However, what truly sets them apart from the rest is their use of herbal superfoods for supplemented benefits and the Clean Label Project award. 

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Unmatched Quality

All of Pachamama’s formulas are made with the purest, tested ingredients from plant-based sources grown on USDA organic farms. Additionally, they employ a proprietary air extraction method that has been uniquely designed to capture the purest extracts on the market. 

Shop Pachamama for the Safest, Most Reliable Herbal Products

Pachamama currently offers a comprehensive selection of plant-based products for all kinds of wellness needs. Their complete line of natural supplements includes capsules, creams, tinctures, and even plant-based products for your pets. 

If you are looking for quality plant-based products to enhance your daily routine and overall health, Pachamama is the perfect place to get your wellness supplies. We recommend visiting the brand’s website for more quality products and information on their natural ingredients and processes.

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