TruSelf Organics: Organic Skincare for Everyone

Who Is TruSelf Organics?

TruSelf Organics is a growing brand of high-quality, uncomplicated, and affordable skincare. With its headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, they ship their organic products worldwide.
TruSelf Organics was founded in 2013 with the mission to create safe, inexpensive beauty products with organic ingredients. The founders believe that keeping your skin healthy and glowing shouldn’t have to be complicated or expensive. So they have formulated an easy-to-follow, simple routine using nourishing and natural ingredients. Faithful to their mission, the company indisputably offers the most affordable organic skincare products in the market.

Why Choose TruSelf for Personal Care?

TruSelf Organics are ideal for busy individuals who prefer vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Here are some of the reasons to try TruSelf:

  • Positive reviews online- Hundreds of users report clearer skin, with acne breakouts disappearing, and excellent results for both sensitive skin and oily/dry skin.
  • Fast shipping for orders-  They also provide international shipping. The website lets you order in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euro, or pounds sterling.
  • Reliable support from their customer service-  Write them at [email protected], and simply fill out a quick message form online, or you can message them on Facebook.
  • Discount for first-time buyers- The website currently has an offer of a discount for first-time orders when you sign up for their newsletter. There is also a discount when you auto-ship recurring orders through their subscription service called TruRenew. This allows you to automatically receive your order every 1, 2, or 3 months, as you like.
  • Points programs- TruSelf also offers an opportunity to save with their TruPoints program. You just register online and get four points for every dollar you spend. These points allow you to earn $1 off future purchases for every 100 points you accrue.
  • Quality Guarantee- Products are returnable for up to 30 days.

TruSelf Skin Products 

TruSelf has you covered with care from head to toe. The website lists products according to the body part they are designed for. You can view “All Products” or peruse the products listed under the following categories:

  • Kits
  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Accessories

TruSelf Face Products 

Their Clear Skin Kit is all you need in a skincare routine.  Detoxifying mask pulls out dirt and toxins from deep within your skin, the Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser is great to keep your face clean but not over dry morning and night, and the choice of moisturizers for your skin type rounds out the perfect clear skin routine. The bundle is greatly discounted from buying the products individually.

Their Calming Skin Kit is a perfect routine for those with skin redness through acne or other skin issues.  The mask contains Organic Matcha, Oatmeal and Cucumber Extract and from real results reviews works to calm inflammation naturally as part of a perfect redness reduction routine.  And as with all the kits, the bundled price is greatly discounted from buying products individually.

Individually, their best-selling face product Detoxifying Mask is uniquely formulated in a dehydrated state to allow a fresh, wholesome experience each time. Their 2 oz. mask gets you over 20 uses, enough to last you a whole month. With TruSelf, a per mask basis costs far less than the cost of a traditional, non-natural sheet mask. Another one of their unique most beloved products is the Blemish Remedy a unique rejuvenating, powerful spot treatment that is formulated without alcohol or salicylic acid, so it does not dry out your skin. 

Besides these two practical products, you can also find:

  • Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser, a morning and night cleanser that lasts well over a month.
  • Ocean Mineral Moisturizer, reviews are great.
  • Soft Skin Cream Cleanser, 
  • Limited Lavender Moisturizer
  • Peppermint Lip Scrub

TruSelf Body Products

TruSelf’s body collection is just as impressive as their face products. Among these fabulous body products, one has earned most of the limelight. Their Nourishing Body Cream is not your average body cream. It hydrates your skin and provides anti-aging skincare benefits from the natural ingredients. It can also help heal scars and protect skin from further damage. Besides the Nourishing Body Cream, you can also find:

  • Uplifting Citrus Body Bar
  • Body Butter Stick
  • Glamorous Grapefruit Body Wash

TruSelf Hair Products

There is both a shampoo and conditioner, which work together for shiny, healthy hair. Both of them promote hair growth and are great smelling. The conditioner restores and detangles hair while soothing dry or itchy scalps, and taming frizz.

TruSelf Accessories

TruSelf Organics accessories are designed to help you get the best benefits from TruSelf’s all-natural skincare products.
The Bamboo Utensil Set assists you to mix and apply our organic face masks and includes a perfectly-sized bamboo mixing bowl, along with a bamboo-handled measuring spoon and super-soft applicator brush. Another highly-rated accessory is the Super-Soft Bamboo Cloth, which is a natural fabric that’s ideal for taking off the mask and other products.
You can also get a limited-edition Bamboo Soap Dish, which is naturally antibacterial and an elegant way to drain and maintain bar soap.

Kits and Bundles

TruSelf offers intelligent product bundles in kits that clean, hydrate, and soften your skin such as:

  • Clear Skin Kit/Ultimate Clear Skin Kit
  • Detoxifying Mask Kit
  • Calming Skin Kit
  • Acne-Fighting Kit

These kits make for a perfect natural skincare routine, or as an excellent gift for either gender and any age, but if you are not sure what the best product for your loved one would be,  you can opt for a TruSelf Organics gift card, starting at just $10, and also available in $25, $50, and $100 amounts.

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