Elixinol: Natural Supplements That Actually Work

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In the last few years, natural supplements have become increasingly popular among all types of lifestyles. With all-natural formulations and more accessible price points, more men and women of all ages are making the switch to these products every day. One of the most well-known brands in this space is Colorado-based Elixinol, which has quickly gained a reputation for its premium supplements and thoroughly transparent practices. 

Elixinol: Natural Supplements That Actually Work 1

Who Is Elixinol: What You Need to Know

What sets Elixinol head and shoulders above other brands in the industry is that their products are carefully formulated by a team with over 25 years of experience researching and manufacturing plant-based solutions. Their in-house team consists of reputable professionals with vast experience in extracting, processing, growing, and manufacturing natural, plant-derived products. From medical doctors to research scientists and veterinarians, Elixinol’s team boasts more knowledge than most natural brands on the market today. 

Of course, what ultimately makes or breaks a brand in this industry is the quality of their products. So, how does Elixinol rank in that department?

The Purest Ingredients Every Time

Thanks to their expert team and dedicated attention to detail, Elixinol offers some of the best quality natural supplements out on the market today. They are involved in every step of the manufacturing process to guarantee the purest and most effective plant-based supplements you can find. Currently, their lineup of plant-based supplements includes:

  • Capsules: Each of these best-selling capsules are formulated with a unique blend of ingredients selected for a specific purpose, such as sleep, discomfort, and stress.
  • Tinctures: The most natural way to find the balance you need. A few drops of these tinctures will help you give you an extra boost whenever you need it the most.
  • Topicals: These topicals provide targeted support for all your skin and performance needs. Elixinol balms support sore joints and muscles, as well as more radiant skin.
  • Bundles: Get your favorite Elixinol products at a discounted price with these special bundles created for all types of users. 

As opposed to newer companies looking to make a quick buck, Elixinol crafts every formula with the purest botanical ingredients derived from organic sources and manufactured using the safest extraction methods. The company predominantly uses CO2 extraction, which is widely considered the cleanest and most effective method for producing high-quality products, hence giving you the premium formulas you deserve. 

But don’t just listen to us.

Elixinol: Natural Supplements That Actually Work 2


Trusted by Professionals Nationwide

Due to their quality and an unmatched commitment to customer experience, Elixinol has gained the trust of the country’s most reputable publications. Their products have been featured in prestigious magazines, including National Geographic, Newsweek, and Men’s Health. They have also been featured in media channels like CNN, CBS, and Fox News, to just name a few.

Made for Your Peace of Mind

If you need further proof of Elixinol’s quality and transparency, you can check yourself. As part of their commitment to your peace of mind, they publish independent Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each of their products. These COAs are test results from third-party laboratories that provide detailed information about a product’s ingredients and potency. This ensures that all products you order meet the highest standards for quality and safety while remaining 100% compliant with industry regulation. Currently, COAs are available on the Elixinol website to all customers who have bought a product from the brand. 

Elixinol: Natural Supplements That Actually Work 3

Learn More About Elixinol

We strongly encourage you to visit the Elixinol website to learn more about the brand and what sets them apart from other competitors. Whether you choose their signature oils, dog treats, or their best-selling turmeric capsules, you can be confident that you will be getting some of the best natural supplements available today at fair, reasonable prices. 

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