Making Use of Meal Planning Services

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Summary of Making Use of Meal Planning Services

An excellent meal planning service will help organize your week and offer everything from delicious recipes and grocery shopping menus to nutritional tracking and the option for grocery delivery.

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If your regular weekly dinner plans include take-out or piecing together leftovers, meal planning could be the solution you didn’t know you needed. A comprehensive meal plan can help you eat more healthily while saving on costs. With so many great meal plans to choose from, it can be overwhelming for newcomers. That’s why we’ve compiled the best meal planning services for you to figure out which will work best for you.

Best Meal Plan Service – Eat at Home

best meal plan service

  1. eMeals (Perfect for Weight loss)

With meal plans ranging from low-calorie meals to heart-healthy to serving control, eMeals, one of the best meal planning apps out there, provides comprehensive meal plans to help you reach your weight loss goals. Diabetic or vegan? They’ve got something for you too.

The app helps you craft the perfect grocery list based on your specific goals. You can then send it to grocery delivery services like Instacart or local stores. Or, you can get your ingredients yourself. The only difference? You’ll know exactly what to get to cook those healthy meals.

Pricing: $29.99 for three months

2. Designed to Fit Nutrition (Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts)

You love to work out but don’t know what to eat? In comes Designed to Fit Nutrition. The meal plans are based on your fitness routine and goals — and even give you several calorie and macro options for the days when you don’t work out. At Designed to Fit Nutrition, all of your meals are pre-determined and calculated to make sure you hit those numbers. For more support, the system houses fitness coaches who offer one-on-one assistance.

Pricing: $100 per month; 10% off for the first ten readers to sign up with code DAILYBURN

3. PlateJoy (Perfect for Forgetful Cooks)

Who doesn’t appreciate a little joy on their plate? When you sign up with PlateJoy, they give you a lifestyle quiz to determine exactly what kind of meals you need and ones you’ll actually make. Moreover, you’re assigned a special coach to help you reach those wellness goals. The best part? The Digital Pantry keeps a record of the ingredients in your pantry to keep you from double buying.

Pricing: $69 for a six-month plan or use code BURN10 for $10 off any plan

4. The Fresh 20 (Ideal for Solo Eaters)

If you live alone and need a meal plan service designed for singles, you need to try The Fresh 20. The company offers meal plans designed for solo eaters as well as for families and couples. The concept behind the name implies that you can do a lot with 20 ingredients and that it will take you only 20 minutes to shop. To help you prep like a pro, they’ve simplified the process for you, so you’ll only need one hour to meal prep for the whole week.

Pricing: $14 per month; use code DAILYBURN30 for 30% off any annual plan

5. Snap Kitchen (Best for Busy Cooks)

Founded in 2010, Snap Kitchen provides healthy, handmade meals for busy individuals. Snap was established on the idea that real food should be accessible and tasty. The company has 33 stores in TX and Philadelphia, with options for on-demand delivery, lifestyle plans, and in-store pickup. Snap meals can be found in select Whole Foods Market locations and can also be directly shipped to 15 different states, including parts of TX, OK, PA, MA, & NY.

Pricing:12 Meal Box: $114.99 weekly / 6 Meal Box: $69.99 weekly

6. Eat This Much (Best for Macro Enthusiasts)

Based on your preferences, this meal plan service breaks down the macros and calories you need to reach your goals and recommends a set of recipes that fit your budget. Moreover, each recipe highlights the calculated cost per serving, so you can eat healthy without breaking the bank. Like other services, Eat This Much also works with delivery services like Instacart or other online grocery delivery services to have the ingredients delivered straight to you.

Pricing:  $7 per month for the premium version, which allows comprehensive meal customization

7. Raddish Kids (Ideal for Homeschooled Kids)

Raddish Kids is a recurrent subscription designed to encourage kids ages 5 to 15+ to cook, bake, and experiment in the kitchen! Meal plans come with three illustrated recipes, three adorable cards to teach them new culinary skills, a kid-safe tool, and a set of instructions for a creative kitchen project. Moreover, the box comes with a grocery list and digital materials such as dietary substitutions and parents’ lesson programs.

Pricing: $24 per month. Save with longer engagements. 6- and 12-month subscriptions come with a cute apron. Sign up here!

8. Prepear (Ideal for Foodies Who Wish to Try New Recipes)

Prepear is a meal planning app and cookbook social media platform in one! You can use the app to create your own cookbook by saving tasty recipes you discover or supplementing your own to share with your friends. You have the option of creating your own meal plan, or with a Gold membership, you can download and follow someone else’s.

When you choose the recipes you’d like to fix, you will be prompted by a generated shopping list with the ingredients you need. If you need to cook for one or more people, you have the option of updating the serving size so that your measurements adjust accordingly.

Pricing: Free basic membership. A 30-day trial of Gold membership costs $1. Gold membership costs $9.99 per month (after a month). Save with longer engagements. Sign up here!


Many of us are staying home and cooking a lot more these days, and while for some it may come easily and naturally, others may need some motivation and a meal plan service to help them eat better and meet their fitness goals. An excellent meal planning service will help organize your week and offer everything from delicious recipes and grocery shopping menus to nutritional tracking and the option for grocery delivery.

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