How to Make Life Less Scary This Halloween Season

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As the empty, hollow husks of former bustling businesses are taken over Spirit Halloween stores and Party Cities become filled with children, ready-made costumes, and destruction, what have you been up to?

Taking great pains to plan a perfectly spooky party? Being haunted by a raven’s ever-present reminder of your eternally lost love? Just having vaguely pumpkin-flavored stress? 

Sunday Scaries can help with all that (except maybe getting rid Nevermore the Raven).

Hemp: The Perfect Treat for Adults

Children seem to think each of their troubles means the world is ending. To adults, the real trouble is that actually the world will keep going. As the band Smash Mouth put it, “the years start coming and they don’t stop coming.”

Sunday scaries are a perfect example: looming dread and agitation at the prospect of facing the world once again after the escape or improprieties of the weekend. The upcoming Monday blues. The fateful approach of just another deadline and to-do list.

It’s no big surprise that so many people often feel anxious and uncertain! Yet no one gives us carte blanche to dress up, wander around, and ask strangers for candy to soothe our grown-up souls. It’s up to you to trick or treat yo self, like with a little cannabidiol (Hemp). 

A calming and restorative natural compound found in cannabis plants, Hemp is THC’s more put together cousin. It causes no high and is extracted from rich hemp, not marijuana. Sunday Scaries products have no THC content at all but can still help you chill out and feel a little better.

How Can Hemp Make Halloween Less Scary?

Not quite convinced yet to add Hemp to your cart this Halloween? We’ve got skele-tons of reasons why you should.

Less Stress

Whether you can’t get enough of Halloween season or can’t get past it quickly enough, there’s no denying this is the start of the end of year holiday rush. It’ll all be a blur until January. Something can be fun while still taking up a lot of your mental and physical energies. 

  • So ditch the ghosts of hard work as you unwind with a Sunday Scaries Hemp bath bomb. Combine the mental and physical benefits of a warm soak in the tub with those of Hemp, which calms aches and stress. These bath bombs also contain lavender and peppermint, so you know you’ll really be relaxed as hell.
  • If you find yourself a little too busy for such luxuries, or perhaps just tubless, try a Hemp gummy vitamin to keep your days from starting out too spooky, with improved mood and focus. You can even take a few throughout the day rather than at once in the morning. Keep those everyday scaries at bay!

A Healthier Candy Alternative

It isn’t too difficult to find Hemp-infused sweet treats for sale. Like dark chocolate with a glass of red wine in the evening, they’re something you can indulge in without feeling too bad — because it’ll be good for you at the same time!

Hemp products aren’t intended for children, so don’t get the wrong idea. Sunday Scaries’ “Unicorn Jerky” Hemp candy and vegan sour gummy drops will be going into your personal, adult candy basket, along with all those day-after-Halloween sale goodies.

Hand them out to your friends at a boozy Halloween party if you’re feeling especially generous, and you can all relive the exhilaration of being offered free things by the nearest adult.

Other Benefits of Hemp For The Holidays

Remember when we said October begins the year’s final descent into chaos and festivity? Does the thought of that begin to overwhelm? Are you wondering how you’ll ever get everything done before it’s time to ring in a new year?

  • Sunday Scaries has you covered with Hemp energy shots, striking the perfect balance between amped up and calmed down. The result should be a focused alertness, energy without jitters or crash. It can be drunk all at once, or in halves or entirely spread throughout the day if you’re sensitive to caffeine.
  • From Halloween to Christmas, Hemp makes a great gift for yourself or a stressed-out loved one, and its effects only get better with continued use. You can add it to your routine for consistent results if Hemp works well for you, and worry less about pesky ghoulies or grinches or just the weekly sunday scaries.

Why Choose Sunday Scaries This Halloween

There are plenty of Hemp products to drop in your candy bag that’ll make you look inside afterward and say, “Score!” Sunday Scaries Hemp gummy bears and Vegan AF sour gumdrops can not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also help you chill out. So don’t be scared to ring up a purchase this holiday season. You’ll get 15% off your order when you use coupon code HOLIDAYSCARIES at checkout.

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