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Longevity is a manufacturer and retailer of wellness products for natural health and active living. The North Carolina-based brand specializes in plant-based tinctures and creams made to soothe tension, calm stress, and balance energy levels.

Review Summary

Longevity offers a varied collection of plant-based tinctures that may be particularly helpful for those who lead active lifestyles and enjoy spending time outdoors. If you are always on the move and looking to adopt a more balanced daily routine naturally, Longevity products may be able to provide you with the solutions you need.

What Real Customers Are Saying About Longevity

“The cream is a perfect option for instant relief when I need it most. I take it with me on every hike and adventure now.”

Amy P.


“Longevity has made my workouts much more enjoyable without pain or fatigue afterward. I really recommend their tinctures if you are an active person.”

Michael S.


“I’m finally getting the rest I need after years of poor sleep habits. Thank you!”

Jon H.


Highlights And Benefits

Whether you are an avid runner or a hiking enthusiast, Longevity has an answer to all the common problems inherent to an active, physically-demanding lifestyle. The best part is that all the botanical extracts in their formulas are 100% organic and obtained from plants grown on American farms. Most importantly, all their products are third-party tested to ensure the best possible quality and potency with every serving.

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Pricing And

Despite offering premium formulas made with all-natural ingredients, Longevity is an affordable option for all types of users, even those who are new to plant-based supplements. You can even try their products with a 30-day risk-free guarantee and receive free shipping on your first order. The brand also offers a subscription service that will also help you save even more every month.

  • People interested in natural, plant-based solutions
  • Active and outdoorsy lifestyles
  • Customers who are new to the industry 
  • Users experiencing soreness and fatigue
  • Children or anyone under the age of 18
  • Pregnant women and people taking medication
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