Incorporating Plant-Based Products Into Your Daily Diet

Incorporating Plant-Based Products Into Your Daily Diet

People looking to live healthier lifestyles can now do so by incorporating more plant-based products into their diets. Yes, a simple change can go a long way, and today we’re here to show you the way. These days, there are more wellness retailers than you can imagine. However, we happen to know some of the best. However, we happen to know some of the best. Award-winning Pachamama specializes in all-natural supplements designed to promote an active and holistic lifestyle. Their products are formulated with plant-derived ingredients prized for their beneficial properties.

What Makes Pachamama Unique?

Pachamama provides users with a completely natural way to support their mental and physical health. However, what truly sets them apart from the rest is their use of adaptogen and nootropic rich herbal superfoods in their formulas for additional benefits.

Instead of synthetic additives and flavoring, each of their best-selling tinctures is paired with a unique blend of nutrient-rich superfoods. So, rather than selecting a product based on flavor, Pachamama users can pick theirs based on specific purposes. We’ll go over their best-selling tinctures in a minute.

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Pachamama’s Plant-Based Product Collection

Pachamama currently offers a comprehensive selection of plant-based products for all types of wellness needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re into supplements or oils, their full line of natural supplements includes tinctures, creams, capsules, and even products for your pets.

Kava Kava Valerian Tincture – Sleep

Relax with this award-winning fusion that washes a sense of calmness over your mind for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Kava has a rich history of promoting calmness and relaxation of the mind. Valerian root is a natural sleep aid that works symbiotically with your body’s chemistry to foster feelings of tranquility.

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Cacao Tincture – Focus (Açaí Bowl/Granola Bowl)

Stay focused with Pachamama’s Goji Cacao Tincture. Recommended for daytime use, this mixture of antioxidants helps to enhance a person’s ability to focus and stay on task. With super ingredients like goji berry – an exceptionally versatile superfood, including all essential amino acids, this tincture is designed to help you quickly take charge of your mind and develop laser-like focus. In addition to goji berry, cacao is also incorporated in the mix for added minerals and antioxidants that reduce stress, support blood pressure, and increase endorphins.

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Ylang Ylang Holy Basil – Create (Avocado Toast & Salad)

This adaptogenic tincture is designed to keep the mind and body free from occasional stress while inspiring creativity. Prevalent in traditional Chinese culture, ylang-ylang can help battle stress and nurture a sense of relaxation throughout the body and mind. Holy basil, one of the main ingredients, is known as the ‘elixir of life,’ helping the body adapt to shifting environments and maintain equilibrium.

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Black Pepper Turmeric – Restore (Turmeric Coffee)

This restorative tincture was formulated with turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory, and black pepper , which helps the body to better absorb turmeric—further elevating its restoring capabilities. A 24/7 companion, this tincture is great for both day and nighttime use.

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Need Help Deciding Which Tincture Is Right for You?

If you are looking for quality plant-based products to supplement your daily routine, Pachamama is the perfect place to start. If you’re not sure which tincture to try, why not go for a bundle? The Infused Bundle is ideal for new users looking to get a full, enjoyable experience. And the best part? You get 20% off your purchase. Simply use Coupon code: Pachamama20, and you’re all set.  We suggest visiting the brand’s state-of-the-art website for more quality supplements and information on their process, ingredients, and mission.

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