Improving Your Wellness Routine With Green Roads

2021 is well underway, and we’ve already seen too many people throw their resolutions out the window, but not you. You’re still here! You’re here because you intend to make the most of this year, and from the bottom of our hearts, kudos! If improving your wellness routine was on your New Year’s resolution list, we’re going to make sure you cross it off!

Wellness Now, Wellness Forever

Plant-based products are an excellent option for promoting mental and physical wellness because of how they interact in your body.  These herbal compounds interact with your body to enhance many vital systems in your body, including sleep, stress response, energy levels, immune system, appetite, and more. Now, to answer the question of the day – where to find such unique, potent, and reliable products? The answer is one of our favorites ever, the award-winning natural wellness brand, Green Roads.

Improving Your Wellness Routine With Green Roads 1

Plant-Based Oil

Green Roads plant-based oils are designed to be a holistic part of your everyday wellness routine. Their oils are formulated with various useful compounds from the plants and a handful of supportive ingredients for maximum relief. Furthermore, their oils are tested for quality and purity by an independent laboratory, so you can feel confident adding them to your daily routine. 

Improving Your Wellness Routine With Green Roads 2

Plant-Based Soft Gels 

Green Roads Soft Gels are an easy, familiar way to get your daily dose of benefits. You can take them in the morning or at night as part of your daily wellness routine. The bottle comes with 30 soft gels for a total of 750mg of plant-based compounds. This product is available in three formulations: Everyday Support, Relax, and Sleep.

Improving Your Wellness Routine With Green Roads 3

Apple Kiwi Plant-Based Oil  

Green Roads Apple Kiwi Bliss Oil is a subtle and delightful wellness experience. Each 1ml serving of this oil delivers roughly 25mg of botanical extract along with MCT oil, hemp seed oil, natural flavors, and more supportive ingredients. Like all Green Roads’ products, the oils are tested for purity and quality by an independent laboratory.

About Green Roads

Based in Deerfield Beach, Green Roads is a manufacturer and retailer of some of the highest quality, pharmacist-formulated plant-based products on the market. Their goods are sold in more than 10,000 locations nationwide. The company is forever driven by its mission to help customers live their most productive, healthiest lives. Fun fact! The company has been named the #1 privately held wellness company and has won various awards over the past few years. 

Shop Green Roads for More Wellness Products

Choose Green Roads’ products for your wellness needs! They are pharmacist-founded, and their products are pharmacist-formulated. The ingredients in our oils and capsules are all obtained from American farms. Their raw materials are sourced from facilities that use advanced extraction technologies. Are you looking for more plant-based products? Make sure to check out their website and explore the Solutions category.

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