Improve Your Mental Health With a Vida Pop

CBD can be taken in many ways. Users have access to vapes, tinctures, capsules, edibles, drinks, and so many more. It’s safe to say there are plenty of ways to incorporate the plant into your regimen, no matter what lifestyle you lead.  The most popular plant-based products currently available are gummies, topicals, and oils. But as of today, there is a new product in town – plant-based lollipops from Vida Optima! These lollipops are a great way to relax while savoring a sweet treat. What does a plant-based lollipop do exactly? Read on to find out!

Immunity Pops for Your Daily Routine

Vida Pops are designed to fit into your daily routine. Like Vida Optima’s best-selling fruit chews, these lollipops or Vida Pops come in two sweet fruit flavors – tangerine & raspberry, and 25mg of extracts and 50mg of vitamin C to help provide maximum relief. Each pack contains four delicious lollipops, all vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free. Infused with mouth-watering flavors along with vitamin C and potent extracts, such as elderberry, these pops can help support and optimize your immune system. 
  • 100mg total extracts (25mg per pop)
  • Enriched with vitamins

Relax, Have a Vida Pop

When was the last time you sucked on a lollipop? Improve your mental health with a Vida pop! In a time when healthy juices and hot yoga sessions are trending, it seems impossible to imagine a healthy lifestyle that includes sweets. But sometimes, sweets are necessary. Plant-based lollipops may help improve your mood, reduce stress, improve your focus, and even work as a potential pain suppressor. How’s that for a multi-tasking lollipop?

About Vida Optima

Vida Optima is a brand new wellness brand specializing in plant-based edible supplements. They are most famous for their candy-like products, especially their best-selling fruit chews, made with soothing natural extracts known to promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Vida Optima is one of the few brands in the natural wellness industry committed to producing plant-based sweets. This dedication has allowed Vida Optima to establish itself as a top contender in the industry.

Shop Vida for More Plant-based Edibles

If you like snacking on sweets without any guilty feelings, Vida Optima has the perfect products for you. We encourage you to visit their site and discover why they have become the go-to vendor for holistic edibles among health-conscious users.

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