I Took Plant-Based Tinctures Every Morning for a Week and It Changed How I Work and Focus

It’s no secret that we live in a society where more and more people seek alternative treatments for their conditions. One of these is plant-based oils, which have been touted as the next best thing for pain relief and stress release. But what exactly can it do? I decided to take Pure Relief’s extra strength oil every morning for a week and see if it really could help me with my work and focus or if all the hype was just marketing. Here’s how it helped.

A Healthy Alternative to Stress Relief

For starters, a friend of mine recommended Pure Relief, so I will be reviewing how their product impacted my day-to-day. This past year took a toll on my well-being, to say the least. I lost my job, my niece, and my focus. I recently took on a new job, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. However, after being unemployed for almost nine months, I developed extreme anxiety, fearing I didn’t have what it took to excel at this new job. 

I’m not a smoker; my husband smokes for both of us. I realized I hit rock bottom (mentally) when he caught me stealing a couple of cigarettes from his pack the night before my first day at the job. To be honest, I’m glad he did because if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been open to giving Pure Relief a try.

I Took Plant-Based Tinctures Every Morning for a Week and It Changed How I Work and Focus 1

My First Week Using Plant-based Supplements

My first day at the new job turned out better than I expected. Hearing all the tragic stories from my new coworkers really helped me assess my own reality and struggles. Some of them were dealing with so much more yet still found reasons to smile and put themselves out there. One of them couldn’t stop boasting about how plant-based supplements had changed her life. Long story short, she put me on to a fantastic brand called Pure Relief. Later that night, after I got home, I decided to follow through and buy myself some soothing oils. At this point, I was open to anything that would help manage my anxiety, and here’s how it went.

Reduced Anxiety 

It’s hard to describe the sensation as it’s not a head-high nor a stimulant. If you’re using these products hoping for a high, then you are wasting your money. I started taking a few drops during the day before work and a few more after. I would describe it as a sense of calm. I didn’t feel overwhelmed and worried about outside factors of my life, nor did I have physical reactions to stress throughout the day. It was just me and my work.

I Took Plant-Based Tinctures Every Morning for a Week and It Changed How I Work and Focus 2

More Focused

With the gradual exclusion of anxious feelings, I was able to focus on the work that needed to be done and got a ton more done. I hadn’t felt this productive in years. Not only did using this product give me a sense of calm, but it also helped me focus when I needed to the most. I was stressing about my skills for this new job, and now I wake up every morning, looking forward to another productive day.

More Productive

Last year gave me almost nothing to be happy about… well, except my health and my relationship with my loved ones. After a week’s use of Pure Relief’s extra strength oil, my overall mood was so much better. I didn’t get happier because I was taking the oil; I got happier because I was more productive and interactive at work and outside of work. I could relax when I got home and focus more on myself (catching up on my favorite shows with my kids, finding motivation to work out, and even food prep for the week). I didn’t realize how much my negative energy was affecting my household until one of the girls told me that I looked happier. At that moment, I looked at her, smiled, and said, baby, I feel happier.

I Took Plant-Based Tinctures Every Morning for a Week and It Changed How I Work and Focus 3

Explore More Trendy Pure Relief Products

I look forward to yet another productive week and many more with Pure Relief by my side. I hope my experience helps shed some light on how helpful these supplements can be when taken as part of a holistic routine.

Pure Relief’s modern and direct branding and approach have made them a popular option among more experienced users and younger audiences who can quickly identify with the brand. If you are currently experiencing sustained stress, I encourage that you explore the brand’s complete collection today and seek natural relief.

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