How One Wellness Company is Helping People Deal with COVID-19

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Americans today are experiencing stress and unease at a scale not seen since 9/11.  With the ever-growing concern for health and safety during these troubling times, and the fear of widespread economic trouble, the need for relief seems to be greater than ever. Green Roads products offer the perfect support system for those with hectic daily schedules. From going to sleep and waking up at the crack of dawn to managing different types of stressors, Green Roads offers products that can help overcome moments of high levels of stress or a racing mind late at night. 

Your Safety Always Comes First

In a letter, Green Roads CEO Laura Fuentes assured customers that the company is taking significant precautions to keep operations moving during this time, and that the company’s first concern is the health of its employees and their families.  Most employees are working remotely, and new policies have been implemented in shipping and production to support the health of those employees.

New to Green Roads?

How One Wellness Company is Helping People Deal with COVID-19 1

If you need help keeping your mind at ease during these times, we encourage you to visit the Green Roads website and navigate through their online store to find the best natural products for you. From oils, gummies, coffees, and everything in between, Green Roads has a wide selection of natural products so you can choose the formula that best suits your individual needs and preferences. If you need further information or guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a customer service representative through the live chat feature or by calling the number on the website.  According to a company spokesperson, that team is working from home and will be readily available to answer any questions customers may have.

Why Green Roads Cares

Since its foundation, helping the community has been one of Green Roads’ guiding principles. The company has a long history of working with groups dedicated to helping veterans, hurricane victims, animal shelters, and more. In fact, they offer special discounts to military veterans and first responders year-round. This includes many special members of the community who are currently helping keep their cities and neighbors safe and calm.

Green Roads’ Commitment to The Community

In this particular moment, Green Roads wants to support all members of the community in a responsible and attentive way. Community is at the core of everything Green Roads does, and they will continue to work hard to ensure no one goes through this alone. Whether it’s discounts, top-notch customer service, or collaborations with other organizations, Green Roads wants to help. For more information about Green Roads and their efforts during these times, visit

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