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The Best Alternative Wellness Products for Your Pets

We all know anxiety negatively impacts our lives. But did you know that this does not just apply to humans? It applies to our pets as well. Our furry little buddies are prone to the stresses of life on a daily basis just like the rest of us.

What Is Alternative Wellness for Pets?

Alternative Wellness for pets is exactly what Alternative Wellness for humans is. It can be used for pets who suffer from separation stress, insomnia and many more. It may also help stimulate appetite and fight inflammation.

Oliver’s Harvest Pet Products

Oliver’s Harvest is a highly respected resource for your pet’s needs. Their pet collection includes pet tinctures, treats, as well as joint care capsules. If you are wondering what kind of issues alternative wellness products can help with? The following are just some of the examples:

  • Plane travel
  • Separation stress
  • Aging and wellness
  • Thunderstorms
  • Fireworks
  • Long car rides
  • Visits to the vet

With so many issues troubling both dogs and cats of every breed and size, it’s no wonder there is such a need for these type of products formulated especially for them.

Best Ingredients

When you look at the ingredients featured in Oliver’s Harvest pet products, it’s easy to see what it is that is working. Combined, these ingredients work with your pet’s receptors to promote health in a completely natural way. The main ingredients include:

  • Alternative Wellness seed oil 
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil 
  • Bacon flavoring 
  • proprietary blend broad-spectrum extract oil

Pharmacist Formulated and Lab-Tested

You must be careful with what kind of alternative wellness you purchase for your pet. There are non-reputable companies out there selling watered-down products that provide little benefit. This is why Nutrition Realm is passionate about supporting Oliver’s Harvest. We have reviewed their products and know they are lab-tested and pharmacist formulated. After all, the co-founder of the company is an educated pharmacist. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Benefits of Alternative Wellness Products for Pets

Just as these products can be highly beneficial for humans, alternative wellness products can be highly beneficial for pets. There’s a reason why the industry is expected to be a $5 billion business this year– it works.

Pressures of life

Many dogs suffer from certain kinds of anxiety, which can make it hard for them to enjoy the simple things in life. Dogs may have anxiety due to the pain from past injuries, and injurious past, or due to fear of harsh noises such as thunders. Most pet owners want to help their pets, however, not many of them know how to go about it. That’s where Oliver’s Harvest comes in!

Joint Support

Whether you need a product for a large breed dog, one who is medium-sized, or even one who is on the smaller side, alternative wellness products are an excellent choice for joint support. While it is true that larger breeds tend to have more joint issues, that doesn’t mean joint problems cannot impact pets of all sizes. Joint support is vital for a healthy, happy pet. The right alternative wellness product will lubricate the joints to promote better movement, enhance cartilage health, and support connective tissue.

Other Benefits

Alternative Wellness products promote an overall sense of calmness in your pet. Their well-being is positively impacted without any feelings of intoxication or loopiness. 

Why Choose Oliver’s Harvest?

There is no reason for any pet to have to live under the umbrella of anxiety any longer. Oliver’s Harvest has made it easy for you to provide relief to your pet, with a quality product you can trust. The team at Nutrition Realm would never recommend a company we do not believe in. If you have been considering alternative wellness products for your pet, now is the time to give it a try.

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