The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 🎥🍿

The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 🎥🍿

The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 1

You’re sitting in the movie theater or on your couch, ready to watch your favorite film or Netflix show. You’ve got heavily buttered popcorn, a large coke, and of course, some of your favorite candy. Sure, you can try to just put your snacks to the side and sit through a whole movie without eating or drinking anything, but we all know that won’t be easy–movies are just not the same without snacks and drinks! Then you get that sinking feeling in your stomach, and regretfully, you realize that it’s too late to stop this sugar binge before it starts.

So, what can you do instead?

Well, for starters, there are plenty of healthy snacks that don’t just taste good while watching a movie at home, but they can also be easily packed into your purse or bag to take with you to theaters. If you are watching your weight or simply want better alternatives to sugary movie candy and soda, here are some healthy snack ideas that you can try during your next movie night.



Popcorn is actually considered an efficiently healthy snack, as long as it’s lightly seasoned. Plain popcorn is a high-fiber whole grain that has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other common cardiovascular problems. Additionally, popcorn is relatively low calorie, with an estimated 120-150 calories per large bowl. (18)

Apple Slices With Peanut Butter

If you are looking for a simple but satisfying snack solution, apple slices are a great choice. Not only are they delicious and easy to take anywhere you go, but they are also rich in fiber, vitamins, and nutrients known to support immune health. For a sweeter twist on your regular apple slices, try dipping them in some peanut butter! (19)

Dark Chocolate With Almonds

If you are in the mood for chocolate, opt for dark chocolate, which generally contains less sugar than regular milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is also loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and other nutritious compounds proven to reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 2

Kale Chips

Who doesn’t love snacks like potato chips and cheese puffs? Unfortunately, these snacks are loaded with fat, sodium, and other ingredients you don’t want in your body. So, why not replace them with tasty kale chips rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and K.

The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 3


Celery sticks are a classic low-carb snack that can be combined with various dips and sauces, including cream cheese and peanut butter. Additionally, they are high in fiber and contain the antioxidant luteolin, which helps fight inflammation. Five celery sticks with a serving of cream cheese only harbor about 200 calories. (22)


Nuts are the perfect weight-loss-friendly snack. Despite being high in fat, studies suggest eating nuts in moderation can help you lose weight. That’s because they are very filling and provide the ideal balance of healthy fat, protein, and fiber. Some of the most popular mixed nuts include peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts. (23)


You probably wouldn’t take hard-boiled eggs to a movie theater, but they can make for the ideal nutritious snack at home. Eggs pack plenty of protein which makes them incredibly filling, and they contain high amounts of vitamins K2 and B12. On average, one large egg has only 70 calories and about 6 grams of protein.

The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 4


Carrots are excellent sources of carotenoids, a compound which your body can convert into vitamin A. Carotenoids in baby carrots may help reduce your risk of heart disease and promote overall eye health. Pair with blue cheese or your favorite creamy salad dressing for a delicious snack everyone will love.

The Healthiest Snack Alternatives for Your Next Movie Night 5

The takeaway

When planning your next movie night, aim for whole food snacks with high nutritional value instead of processed, fattening options like potato chips and candy bars. With so many options to choose from, choosing a healthy snack shouldn’t be difficult. The only thing you should have to worry about is what movie or show to watch next.

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