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Healthy Keto Pasta recipe

Delicious Keto Pasta Recipe

Who doesn’t love a delicious pasta recipe? Rich tomatoes, herby sauce or something light and lemony; all these pasta flavors might seem out of reach...

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Guilt-Free Vegan Donut Recipe

Are Donuts Vegan? If we look at the ingredients of regular donuts, it’s obvious that we see non-vegan ingredients such as dairy and eggs. Donuts...

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Vegan Chocolate Recipes

Is Chocolate Vegan? Raw chocolate originates from a plant, so yes, it is vegan. However, cacao goes through quite an intricate process before getting to...

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Easy Vegan Soup Recipe

Non-Vegan vs. Vegan Potato Soup There are many differences between non-vegan and vegan potato soup. The first difference that should be noticeable is the use

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