Handling Stress While Working From Home

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Before 2020, many people considered working from home as the ultimate goal for work-life balance—however, those who found themselves actually working from home since the pandemic hit reported higher stress levels. While working from home does offer a fantastic sense of independence and flexibility, there are hidden stressors that may hinder your professional performance. 

If a lack of structure, discipline, and focus are getting in your way, you need to improve your support system. Adding plant-based supplements to your routine can be the missing step toward achieving an ideal work-life balance.

Handling Stress While Working From Home 1

Handling Stress Naturally

Cornbread’s signature tincture is made with a pure blend of plant extracts crafted to bring about calm and relaxed feelings. These tinctures are available in three strengths (Extra, Original, & Half) and two formats (Whole Plant & Distilled). Whole Plant is designed for nighttime support or stressful situations that call for a moment of Zen. The Distilled variety is best for daytime relief when you need to stay sharp throughout the day. Some of the benefits include:

  • Promotes a feeling of calmness 
  • Supports healthy joints and mobility
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns

An Organic Tincture for Mental Focus 

For Cornbread, using Kentucky-grown ingredients is more than just state pride. The state has optimal environmental conditions and arguably the most nutrient-rich soil in the nation. The state is also known for its water quality, which is why Kentucky makes the world’s finest bourbon. Ultimately, these factors translate to healthier crops, better extracts, and the purest plant-derived products available today.

Handling Stress While Working From Home 2

About Cornbread

One of the most respected brands in the natural wellness industry, Cornbread specializes in plant-based supplements derived from plants grown on Kentucky farms. The Louisville-based brand is known for the fascinating story that led to its creation and extensive selection of USDA certified organic products. Furthermore, the brand carries the USDA certified organic seal on all of its oils, guaranteeing them free of harmful particles.

Shop Cornbread for More Plant-based Supplements

These days, working from home has made it harder for professionals to adapt to the changing structure and routine. This viral interruption of the everyday office experience is causing increased stress for many that are now finding themselves working from home.

If you are looking for the finest plant-based supplements, look no further than Kentucky’s Cornbread. We encourage visiting their website for more quality supplements and a more in-depth look at their unique story and mission. 

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