FAB: Nature’s Answer to Everyday Pain

FAB: Nature’s Answer to Everyday Pain 1

If you are over the age of 50, there is a high chance that you are experiencing more pain and discomfort than you ever did in your younger years, and that’s completely normal. Sure, aging can be a real pain in the neck—and the back, shoulders, and knees—but it doesn’t have to feel like that all the time. Nowadays, enjoying your golden years is easier than ever, thanks to the numerous options for pain management available on the market. And the best part is that many of these options are entirely natural, so you don’t have to worry about large pills, costly treatments, or undesired side effects.

Among older adults, one of the most popular natural options for pain is Wisconsin-based FAB, the company known for its diverse collection of plant-based supplements like creams, oils, and chewable gummies.

But what makes FAB so special in the first place?

The FAB Difference

Founded in 2017, FAB quickly gained popularity for its high-quality products made with entirely natural formulations. They have earned a reputation for taking the “natural” in natural wellness very seriously, creating all their formulas with the finest natural ingredients available today. The best part is that all their formulas are independently tested by third-party laboratories, ensuring the highest standards for quality, safety, and purity. So when you buy from FAB, you know that you are getting the best natural supplements available on the market.

With one of the largest customer bases in the industry, the company has gradually built a community of health-minded individuals through their brand, making FAB the go-to option for new users who don’t want to go through this journey alone. Today, the company has an established position as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They have even been featured in prestigious publications like Business Insider, Forbes, LA Weekly, and more. 

Relief Made Easy and Natural

If pain is keeping you from completing personal projects, preventing you from spending time with your grandchildren, or just making life more difficult overall, look no further than FAB. Daily use of FAB products can provide a wide range of benefits for feelings of discomfort and pain. Some of the most significant benefits of FAB pain relief supplements include:

  • Improved inflammatory response
  • Support for sore joints
  • Better post-workout recovery
  • Support for tense and tired muscles

We encourage you to visit the FAB store today to learn more about the company’s all-natural ingredients and how their products can help you lead a happier, more active life. 

Here are some of the things you can expect to find when you visit the FAB online store:

FAB: Nature’s Answer to Everyday Pain 2


The company’s best-selling oils are made with a special blend of plant-derived ingredients for overall wellness. A few drops of this soothing oil can help promote relief in the form of reduced pain and aches, less stress, and better quality sleep if taken at night.

FAB: Nature’s Answer to Everyday Pain 3

Daily Greens

This vegan, plant-based powder is made with a unique blend of vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, and essential nutrients to fuel your mental and physical performance. 

FAB: Nature’s Answer to Everyday Pain 4


Like the gummies and oils, these topicals are made with plant-based ingredients specifically selected to promote relief. This all-natural solution is excellent for tired muscles, sore joints, and skin problems like redness and irritation. 

What Users Have to Say

There is no question that FAB is, by far, one of the best choices for natural supplements available in the industry. With one of the largest customer bases in the industry, the company has gradually built a community of health-minded individuals through their brand, making FAB the go-to option for new users who want to improve their daily routine in a completely natural way. 

Here are some of the things real customers have said about FAB:

“This stuff takes away a lot of aches and pains. Enough so that I have referred a couple of friends. THANKS!” -Cynthia M.

“Working well for me. I use it on my knees twice a day. Highly recommend.” -Lisa.

“On my second jar and it does what it claims. A very good product. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. Thanks FAB.” -Larry

Discover the Relief You Deserve

Ready to give natural, plant-based relief a try? Visit FAB today and learn more about their natural products, including their best-selling topical cream made explicitly for everyday pains and aches.

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