Elixinol’s New Tranquility Bundle

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The new Tranquility Bundle from Elixinol is the perfect support system for busy parents with hectic daily schedules. From going to sleep and waking up at the crack of dawn to managing different types of stressors, busy parents will benefit from this all-encompassing bundle that carries the right products to tackle the most hectic days. Introducing the Tranquility Capsule Bundle from Elixinol! First-time buyers and returning customers can now save 15% on their purchase with the code Feelbetter15 at checkout. That’s 15% OFF your Tranquility Bundle.

Elixinol Tranquility Capsule Bundle

The right herbal products can offer the support you need to achieve balance and tranquility in these exceptionally stressful times. The Tranquility Capsule Bundle contains the following:

Daily Balance

Use Elixinol’s Daily Balance Capsules for overall wellness and a sense of equilibrium and calmness. Sometimes, we all just need a way to smooth out the rocky bumps in the road. With a perfect blend of potent herbal extracts and MCT coconut oil, The Daily Balance Capsules are an easy way to feel less stressed and keep your life running smoothly.

Stress Less

Work. Kids. Uncertainties. Life is very stressful. That’s why Elixinol designed a product to help busy parents cope with daily stressors. Stress Less Capsules includes Ashwagandha, a natural ancient medicinal herb that boasts incredible therapeutic benefits. The herb is classified as an adaptogen, meaning it can help your body manage external stress. Furthermore, Ashwagandha can boost brain function, lower blood sugar and cortisol levels, and even help battle depression symptoms.

Good Night

Good Night Capsules are designed for the occasional nights when falling and staying asleep is impossible. Good Night capsules include melatonin. The powerful combination of herbal extracts and melatonin work together to deliver a restful night to even the most sleep weary individuals.

A Brand You Can Trust

Due to the superior quality of Elixinol’s products and their unmatched dedication to customer experience, the brand has earned the trust of the country’s most popular publications. Their products have been featured in renowned magazines, such as Newsweek, LA Weekly, Rolling Stones, National Geographic, and Men’s Health. They have also been featured in mainstream channels like CBS, CNN, Fox News, and more.

Ingredients Matter

Unlike other brands, Elixinol manufactures its products with the finest ingredients that naturally promote wellness. And that’s not all; their products are cruelty-free, contain no synthetic flavorings, and are made using the safest extraction processes for quality and safety.

Discover More Elixinol Products

We recommend you visit the Elixinol website to learn more about the brand and explore its quality products. Besides their super convenient bundles, you’ll find topical solutions, oils, and other variations of their capsules for your unique lifestyle. 

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